Data Memory Systems urges Windows to keep momentum as Windows 10 breaks records

As it’s revealed that Windows had one of its most fruitful years to date with regards to operating systems, Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ finest providers of computer memory, has urged the company to continue picking up pace to ensure their systems are able to outperform competitors’. The technology giant has wrapped up Windows 10’s first year boasting incredible figures. Mirroring the successes of Windows XP and 7, the company has revealed its latest offering is now powering almost one in four Windows PCs.

As the operating system celebrated its one year anniversary at the end of July, it announced the system had beaten Windows 7’s previous record set in October 2010. This record was helped along by the no-longer-available free upgrade for consumers and businesses alike. Allowing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade their now outdated machines to the latest software, the company provided millions of devices all over the world with their most powerful operating system to date.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “Windows has been a market leader for many years. However the company has faced stiff competition from both big players in the industry as well as smaller companies ready to take on the giants. Therefore they must make sure they continue to offer improvements and incentives for customers in order to stay ahead of competitors.”

Windows powers 90% of all personal computers. And according to analytics vendor, Net Applications, Windows 10 was on over 21% of the world’s personal computers in July, and of those, 23.5% of those machines were running Windows.

The July increase of about 2% was larger than June's gains, but did fall short of May’s, which was the largest one-month growth since August 2015 – the first full month the OS was available.

Data Memory Systems is a pioneer of upgrading systems as opposed to simply replacing them. Highlighting the incredible cost savings available, the company is passionate about maintaining computer health and maintaining longevity.

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