Data Memory Systems welcomes reported IPhone upgrades

The mobile phone is a staple of modern life, and as a result, is now used as much more than just a device to speak to people. Now a source of news, a way to capture precious moments and so much more, smartphones have come a long way over the last decade. And now, Apple is set to take the smartphone one step further by transforming its offering to fit into modern life that much easier.

According to reports, Apple is due to release the iPhone 7 later this year with a larger minimum internal storage, improved battery life and completely overhauled camera. And Data Memory Systems, a leading supplier of computer memory across the US and beyond, is welcoming the news, highlighting the seamless transition of mobile devices and traditional computers.

Speaking about the potential developments, Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “The Apple iPhone revolutionized the way we communicate on the go. Introducing the start of the smartphone revolution, the IPhone paved the way for a whole range of mobile communications, so it comes as no surprise that it is set to challenge its rivals and take top spot by further improving its offering.”

Leaked reports and images of the supposed new addition to Apple’s line-up includes the phasing out of the 16GB internal storage, as well as a larger camera hole that many are predicting could suggest a dual camera lens for improved photos. According to sources, the 16GB storage will be phased out, and replaced with the next step – the 32GB. Highlighting the fact that 16GB isn’t enough in the day and age where phones are used much like computers, this new potential development will be welcome for keen photographers and app lovers the world over.

Apple’s phone has come a long way since the first generation phone release in 2007, and is now seen as one of the best on the market. The first Generation phone came in 4, 8 or 16GB models, which back then, was seen as plenty. However now many are arguing that even the 128GB model needs to be upgraded.

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