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Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, welcomes the news that advances in scientific developments could change the way data is stored forever. Researchers from TU Wien in Austria have demonstrated how a new heat-assisted technique for data storage could increase the capacity of hard disk drives by as much as ten times.

Using a process called heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR), researchers have used a laser to write data to magnetic storage, which means they are able to increase the potential data storage capacity of hard drives by as much as 10 times.

Constantly running out of storage for files, photos, video and music, is a modern day problem. The more capacity people have, the more people tend to use. However with these new advances, the way data is stored on a whole host of devices, would change the future of technology.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager said, “With the world becoming more and more digitalized, people’s whole lives are stored on computers. Gone are the days when a 500GB hard drive was enough for the average Joe, now people are demanding bigger storage capacities, without having the inconvenience of having multiple pieces of equipment.”

The study was published in the applied Physics Letters journal, and showed how HAMR can fit 13.23 terabits into a square inch, this compares to best hard drives on the market that can reach 1.34 terabits per square inch. Usually limited by the size of the magnetic grains used to store data, researchers have been able to heat the grains and isolate them using a laser. It's an approach that has actually been around for a while, however this is the first time it has been proven on this scale, meaning that scientists are still working out the limitations of it.

While the researchers at TU Wien say it will be challenging to put into practice, it could be commercially feasible within the next few years. To find out more about DMS, visit their website:

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