Data scanning experts urge businesses to embrace document scanning and hosted cloud storage amid growth predictions

The world is relying more and more on digital means to function both nationally and internationally. So it comes as no surprise that figures released by Cisco estimate that 55 percent of internet users will use cloud-based storage by 2019. Becoming increasingly imperative for both businesses and individuals, the predicted rise in uptake comes as people see the many benefits of switching to cloud servers in order to store and access their documents.

Pearl Scan, one of the UK’s premier providers of data scanning and document capture to a wide range of sectors, is highlighting the need for businesses to make the switch to digital sooner rather than later to ensure for a more streamlined transition.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “Although businesses have been slowing moving towards a document scanning and digital culture, they must make sure that they are keeping up with the times in order to stay competitive. There’s been many studies highlighting the positive impacts of a paperless office, such as increased productivity and improved security. And with this revelation, now really is the time for businesses to start the transition from paper base document management to digital document management in order to make sure processes and procedures are followed correctly.”

Cloud storage has increased tenfold in recent years. The improvements in security, access and bigger storage capacities mean that cloud storage is now a real alternative for businesses both large and small. Providing them with a large, secure and accessible platform for storing work, important and sensitive data and archived and legal documents, cloud storage is flexible and cost-effective.

The predictions reveal that should this be the case, it would mean that 2 billion users will use personal cloud storage. Signalling an increase of 42 percent since 2014, it means that a single user will generate 1.6 Gigabytes of consumer cloud storage every month. And as those figures are certain to be much higher if businesses are taken into consideration.

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