David R. Gray Jr. Announces Publication of Q&A Ahead of New Book Release

Summary: David R. Gray, Jr., a Chicago attorney known for his expertise in real estate law, is announcing the publication of a new interview in which he offers advance insight into his contribution to the forthcoming 2016 Real Estate Litigation Book.

In advance of the release of the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s 2016 Real Estate Litigation Book, Chicago attorney David R. Gray Jr. is announcing the release of an extensive interview in which his contribution to the new book is discussed at length. The full transcript of the interview discusses the many nuances involved in the subject of real estate installment contracts, including the subtle differences between a real estate installment contract and a traditional mortgage as well as a discussion regarding the kind of litigation most common with this specific type of contract.

The chapter written by the Chicago-area attorney and real estate expert is titled “Litigation Related to Real Estate Installment Contracts,” which discusses what Gray believes may be the “oldest form of real estate financing.” In the interview transcript, Gray offers in-depth responses to the interviewer’s questions and takes great care to discuss the unique perspectives of each of the parties entering into such an agreement.

In addition to discussing the varying factors buyers and sellers should consider before choosing to utilize a real estate installment contract, Gray also details the influencing factors that lead to the more extensive use of these kinds of contracts. Noting how the recent economic crisis made mortgage lending far more scarce, Gray pointed out that the availability of real estate installment contracts enabled buyers and sellers to conduct a transaction while avoiding higher interest rates or strict underwriting standards.

Gray, who serves as general counsel for Wheeler Financial, Inc., is making this transcript available in advance of the release of the full book’s publication in order to ensure readers have a clear understanding of the subtle yet critical differences between mortgages and installment contracts. Through the advanced release of the transcript, Gray also hopes readers are able to recognize the most common forms of litigation associated with installment contracts and how buyers and sellers can avoid involvement in these kinds of issues.

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About David R. Gray, Jr.

David R. Gray, Jr., is a Chicago-area attorney who serves as the general counsel for Wheeler Financial and is also the founder of The Law Offices of David R. Gray, Jr. An expert in legal matters concerning real estate, Gray has authored a number of articles and books relating to his specific area of legal expertise.



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