Debut Author Wins Praise for First Book in Romantic Equestrian Trilogy

Talk of film deal as impressive Author, Tim Truelan, aims to take over the mantle of  Jilly Cooper with his NY-LON fast-paced novel

Debut Author Tim Truelan has had many adventures in his colourful life, including working with a French-Canadian carnival, building sail boats on the West Coast of America and working aboard the Queen Mary in Southern California – but his greatest triumph of all has been watching his debut novel climb up the Amazon charts.

Tim, ‘It has been an amazing journey – from Bareback’s inception through to receiving the plaudits, being asked to attend packed-out signings and there’s even talk of a film deal… it’s a dream come true!”

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How did the Author come to write an Equestrian Romance? ‘I had always wanted to write a novel based around horses and the wonderful NY-LON  (New York – London) connection – it has led to many real-life romances over the years but my book has a horse theme at its heart, so right from the first page it sets out at a pace and never lets up. It’s thrilling!’

Tim based his novel around his personal experiences as a globetrotter and also his love of all things equestrian. ‘I have always loved the  ‘horse-life’ – it’s not always a glamorous one as the riders and equestrian athletes work so hard before they get into their arenas – but what they display is pure beauty.’

Tim’s heroine is Tomasey, a British equestrian who turns heads in and out of the arena – she and Henry, a NY policeman, (known as Harry) are destined for romance but the distance between them provides for adventure and misunderstandings – ripe for a trilogy.

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‘Tomasey is modelled on the daughter of an English Countess I met in the equestrian world; she is beautiful, dynamic and knocks Harry off his feet. Although my book has a “Special Thanks” to Princess Zara (not the one you might be thinking of…) it has also been approved of in high places with Country Life, Tatler and Horse & Hound being very enthusiastic about it.’

REVIEWS: “Bareback is a superb romp of a read!” “…This book is irresistible. A great read for romantics and horse enthusiasts. I couldn't put it down and was really sorry when the story ended. More please!!” “It's a truly touching story that will keep you gripped from start to finish and will tug at the heart strings! Well done Mr Tim Truelan, I'm already looking forward to the sequel!”

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AUTHOR BIO: Tim Truelan grew up in the West County of England and attended Exeter College of Art, followed by a post-diploma year at Brighton, Sussex. In his early twenties, he set out for adventure across America, supported by a variety of interesting jobs, including working with a ski company, a French-Canadian carnival, building sail boats on the West Coast and finally working aboard the Queen Mary for the Californian Museum of the Sea Foundation, Long Beach, Southern California. Tim has travelled widely throughout Europe, North America and now lives in London.