DeeMe, The Beautiful Messaging App is a Hit with the Ladies

Ladies across the globe have fallen head over heels for an on-trend new messaging app that turns everyday texts into beautiful works of artistic self-expression. With 75% of DeeMe users identified as women, the app has drummed up a fierce female following. Of course, it’s not just for the girls, with DeeMe developers predicting a surge in the number of male users joining the DeeMe craze over the next few months.

Blending the best of Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and a myriad of other social messaging applications, DeeMe reimagines the boundaries of mobile communication. Using beautiful typesets and eye-catching graphics, the typographic messaging app allows users to mix pictures, videos and text for an utterly unique mobile experience. Aesthetics reign supreme and for the creative younger generation who have grown up with digital designs at their fingertips, DeeMe is hugely appealing. The finds can be compared to Pinterest statistics, another visual social network which has a mostly female following.

Frode Alver Nilsen, CEO of DeeMe says, “Females aren’t just the fairer sex but they’re also more creative. At least when it comes to mobile messaging! DeeMe plays on the intrinsic female infatuations with beauty, colour and embellishment, then superimposes them into a standard mobile communications concept. This channel for creativity and self-expression has received a hugely positive response from women across the globe, with 75% of our user base identified as females.”

While females may dominate the DeeMe user base at the moment, developers are forecasting a rise in the number of male users. From artistically inclined men to boyfriends curious to explore the app that’s hooked their other half or love interest, the DeeMe male following is set to soar over the next few months.   

With women and men alike starting to hone in on the DeeMe revolution, the app has been picked up by none other than global online trend community, Trend Hunter. As a fountain of inspiration for industry professionals, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, A-list celebrities and those with a ravenous curiosity for up-to-the-minute fads, Trend Hunter is a massively influential platform. It’s been cited everywhere from iconic entertainment channels such as MTV, worldwide news broadcasters like CNN and multinational media companies such as The Economist. Not to mention nods from A-list superstars such as Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton. The DeeMe endorsement not only won the app high profile publicity but also cemented its status as one of the hottest mobile downloads of 2015.

“The customization of the personalized and beautiful messages will definitely appeal to artistic millennials who want to communicate authentically and in their own way,” writes Trend Hunter journalist, Alyson Wyers.  

DeeMe was also recently featured in a write up from leading digital media website, Mashable. With a focus on targeting the ‘Connected Generation,’ the feature in the site’s ‘5 Can’t Miss Apps’ write up is a testament to the inherent Gen Y appeal of the typographic messaging platform.


DeeMe is available for all devices running iOS or Android systems. Users can download DeeMe for FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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