Delightful New Children’s Book Has Christmas Storytime All Wrapped Up

A home grown Australian author has Christmas storytime all wrapped up with a charming full colour book available in soft cover or Kindle edition. Featuring themes of family, nature and good old fashioned Aussie fun, Whipper Snipper Dad is an enchanting blend of engaging and educational. With an original storyline written by Lesley Dawson and gorgeous illustrations from Canadian children’s artist Mike Motz, the book is a wonderful addition to any Christmas stocking.

From the suburbs of Sydney, the greenbelts of Brisbane, the towns of the Northern Territory and the sunny streets of Perth, Australian families are no strangers to a father’s love for his whipper snipper. The story plays on this cultural fixation with whipping out the weed eater and giving the garden a trim. As well as celebrating the dynamics of a happy family, Whipper Snipper Dad also encourages children to appreciate the beauty of nature and learn to appreciate the joys of growing flowers and vegetables in the garden.

Already, the book has received a glowing reception from primary schools across Dawson’s hometown of Toowoomba. Lesley has conducted readings at several local primary schools, with both teachers and students alike captivated by the delightful story.

Teacher Librarian, Mrs Angela Irvine says, “It is certainly a fun read and I really enjoyed your use of language. ‘Sashayed’ is one of my favourite words.” She said that the students particularly enjoyed the use of rhyme and repetition which enabled them to participate in the storytelling and predict what might happen next. She added, “This will be a wonderful addition to the Picture Book section of our library.”

As a certified teacher, Dawson has taught in primary and secondary schools across Australia, as well as in Japan. She’s always had a passion for children’s writing, an interest she indulged when studying at the Australian College of Journalism. Here she learned how to weave captivating tales that make learning fun.

“I know how excited children can become when engaged with a story, especially a story they can join in with. I enjoy using humour in my stories, making it a fun way of learning to read and learning about life. I like to use rhyme and repetition in my picture books so that the children can read along with others, their parents or grandparents, and feel as if they’re achieving. Later they’ll be able to read the book by themselves. I think it’s part of the step-by-step process of reading,” says Dawson.

For fathers in search of a light-hearted and playful story to read to their little ones, Whipper Snipper Dad is the perfect Christmas gift. With plenty of fun in the sun, the book is the ideal way to kick off the Australian summer.

The 30 page, full colour book is available to purchase on Amazon for US$9.99 and Kindle for US$4.90.

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Whipper Snipper Dad is a charming summer storybook from Australian author, Lesley Dawson. Aimed at children between four to seven years old, the book features a myriad of feel-good themes, including a love for the great outdoors. 



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