Designed For Parents, By Parents: OmniO Rider Compact Stroller

When the market doesn’t offer a certain product most consumers sigh and settle for second best. Not Markus and Samantha of Innovation Makers LLC. When these parents couldn’t get their hands on a lightweight, portable and compact stroller they took matters into their own hands and developed their own. The result is a pioneering new product designed by parents, for parents.

Using an innovative foldaway design, the OmniO Rider can be transformed from a buggy into a backpack style in just seconds. Puncture-proof wheels tackle all terrain with ease, a fully adjustable steering system allows parents to customize the handling experience while a generous sun hood and wet weather cover make the stroller suitable for rain or shine.

The concept first came to light when Markus and Samantha found themselves continually facing the dilemma of whether or not to pack their bulky stroller. Whether they were heading to the grocery store or jetting off on a family vacation, the cumbersome carrier was often more hassle than handy. When their children felt like walking, one of them was forced to wheel around an empty stroller. Yet if they decided not to take it they often found themselves having to carry two youngsters for lengthy distances. What they really needed was a pushchair that was lightweight, compact and above all, portable.

After scouring the market for a solution and still coming up empty handed, the pair decided to bite the bullet and innovate a product that met the needs of their active family. The OmniO Rider is the result of their efforts and offers parents a definitive solution for getting kids from A to B.

Markus, parent and co-founding Director of Innovation Makers said, “Forget sleepless nights and temper tantrums. One of the major challenges of modern parenting is how to transport kids without having to cart around a bulky stroller!”

In May 2013 Innovation Makers was officially incorporated as a British based company. Markus and Samantha underpinned the company with a dynamic team of people, many of whom have young children themselves. All have worked tirelessly to develop a revolutionary new stroller that’s designed by parents, for parents.  OmniO Rider received a wildly positive UK response which proves that modern families are categorically in need of an inventive new stroller solution. This year the pair have their sights set on bringing the OmniO Rider to US shores and helping make the lives of American moms and dads that little bit easier. 

Watch this space!

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Developed by Innovation Makers LLC, OmniO Rider is a next generation stroller that offers parents the ultimate in convenience, portability and safety. Using an intelligent foldaway design the stroller can be transformed from a buggy into a backpack style in just seconds. This makes it ideal for active families that lead a busy lifestyle. To launch the product to the US market, Innovation Makers LLC will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on Monday 23rdMarch offering pledgers a range of rewards and products in exchange for financial support.