Designer Tips for Business Cards

The business card should be an extension of oneself, a way to impart contact details and to communicate something about each individual. It stands to reason that those with an eye for designer detail should have a business card worthy of any top class designer. Their business card should say that they are an accomplished and successful individual, with a flair for the luxurious and the elegant. The following tips from the CardsMadeEasy design studio help to illustrate the best way to achieve a designer look on a business card and leave a lasting imprint on their recipient.

1. Weight and Texture

Flimsy business cards will never scream high-end style and elite success in the way that a sturdy and well-crafted card will. The weight and the texture of the business card is an important foundation on which to base the rest of the design, and will add to the overall effect of the card in a subliminal way. Matte textures often provide a stylish base for the information and the design on the card, and the heavier types of business card indicate a level of affluence and power that a weak and fragile card would not offer.

2. Colour Schemes

All of the best designers work with a strict colour palette, and the rules should be no different for business cards. Colour schemes are often dictated by the company logo, so it is important in the first place for a company to choose a logo that will look classy emblazoned across every item of stationery they own. These palettes should be restricted to no more than two colours, using different shades of these colours for variety. Sticking to a small number of colours on a printed business card will help to achieve a designer look befitting of the world’s most elite establishments.

3. Avoid Clutter

A cluttered business card is one of the most effective indicators of an amateur business, or an individual without much experience. Think of the world’s most famous designers, and picture their logos; they are simple, streamlined, basic and easily recallable, with their business cards undoubtedly following a similar set of guidelines. Minimalism is important on these small cards, as crowding in too much information and littering the space with too many pictures and colours can overload the recipient and make them more likely to ignore the card altogether. The sleekest designer looks are always the ones that gain the most plaudits; white space draws attention to the most important sections of the card and makes the most of the small amount of space available.

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