Digital Legacies Continue To Gain Traction, with Launch of SwonSong

When your daughter was born, did you ever think what her wedding day would be like if you didn’t make it that far? Every day is a blessing and shouldn’t be taken for granted even if you are young and healthy. What if you could record a message for your children, to be sent on the day of their wedding, just in case you pass away too soon?

21stcentury life is becoming increasingly digital and now, the concept of electronic communication extends beyond the grave. Thanks to innovative new digital afterlife platform SwonSong, people across the world will soon enjoy the ability to leave behind meaningful messages for loved ones in a variety of different forms. From audio clips, video eulogies and written messages, SwonSong represents a natural extension of the relationships that are nurtured in real life.

When installed on a smartphone or tablet, users can quite literally create personalised messages, at their fingertips. With its slick and streamlined interface, SwonSong is a pleasure to navigate. This is particularly beneficial for members of the older generation who aren’t as technologically savvy as their millennial counterparts. From grandparents who know their twilight years are on the way to mums and dads who can’t bear the thought of unexpectedly departing with unsaid sentiments, creating legacies with SwonSong is the ideal solution.

David Lamonby, Co-creator of SwonSong says, “I got the idea for the app when I lost my own mother to dementia – it was heart-breaking to see the person I loved and knew so well gradually fade away and be replaced by another desperately unhappy person. This app would have allowed her to record messages when she was healthy, before the illness totally changed her personality and eventually took her from us.”

As of late, the internet has emerged as the new way to communicate with the dead. The phenomenon is rapidly gaining popularity with those who see the web as a wonderful chance to send messages of love after they’ve passed away. Already the world has been inundated with a myriad of digital afterlife apps, algorithms and software claiming to offer people a chance to live on beyond the grave.

However not all digital legacy solutions are created equal. Many lack the reliability, authenticity and ethical values that are needed when addressing such a sensitive topic. SwonSong is stressing that using the internet to bridge the gap between the living and the lifeless is only effective when using a reliable service. The platform sets itself apart from the crowd by offering both users and recipients a 100% personalised experience. All messages are recorded straight from the heart, with no bots or algorithms making educated guesses about what a deceased person may have said, or how they might have acted. As digital legacies continue to gain popularity, the platform is set to emerge as the tool of choice for people on the search for a service that’s reliable, genuine, personalised and wholeheartedly sincere. SwonSong users can even decide the date and time each message is sent to recipients, from so many days after death to significant dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

To fast-track the platform to final development stages SwonSong has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The group is aiming to raise £100,000 which will be used to complete iOS, Android and website coding, carry out complete system testing and launch the project in early October. SwonSong is offering a range of tiered rewards depending on pledge generosity.

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SwonSong is an innovative digital platform that allows people to record personalised extensions of their wills using smartphones and tablets. The app aims to turn moments of sadness into moments of unity and remembrance. Messages are then stored in the SwonSong cloud and sent to recipients after the recorder has passed away. Content can be captured in visual, written and audio form. To fund the final stages of development SwonSong has launched a Kickstarter campaign.