Discount Barriers Launch New Stackable Belt Barrier

Discount Barriers, one of the country’s leader distributors of queue management systems, has recently launched a brand new retractable barrier. The new retractable banner is designed for use in organisations of all sizes who need to hone their crowd control systems. The stackable, retractable barrier is the latest in a long line of innovative and high-quality crowd control products from Discount Barriers, supplying companies with the equipment they need to ensure safety measures are sufficiently complied with and to keep their premises orderly.

Crowd management is a crucial aspect of the running of a company premises for thousands of businesses across the country. Lobbies, waiting rooms, supermarket queue lines, special events and a huge variety of other organisations all employ rigorous crowd management systems which help to keep order and ensure safety for consumers and for employees. Discount Barriers recognises the demands for such high quality equipment, and provides a range of flexible, affordable and durable solutions.

In recent years, Discount Barriers has gone from strength to strength, starting three years ago with their first retractable banner system. Now, in 2013, demand for their products has soared, and they boast 15 other retractable barrier models. Each has a slightly different innovation than the last, with different heights and lengths available, and a braked system which has proved incredibly popular with SMEs. The brand new model released this month is constructed from hardwearing stainless steel, is ultra reliable and can be used to shape queue systems in a flexible and accommodating way. The barrier also features a unique U-shaped cut-out base which allows for easy stacking and storage of the barriers when they are not in use. It is innovations like this which have made Discount Barriers one of the most successful and popular providers of crowd management tools in the country.

Tim Fuller, managing director of Discount Barriers, puts the success of their products down to a stringent sourcing and testing process. He said, “We have built up a great reputation over the last 25 years, and we are obliged to make sure that the products we sell to our clients offer great quality and value for money.” True to this statement, the stainless steel used to construct the brand new retractable belt barrier is of the highest quality available. Many cheaper and less effective replicas have hit the market in previous years, but the barriers from Discount Barriers are vastly superior, both in aesthetic and durability.

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About Discount Barriers: Based in Croydon, London, Discount Barriers has more than 25 years of experience in providing crowd control solutions for businesses across the UK.



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