Disgruntled Ex-Customer Trademarks Sperm Bank In Name of World-Famous Banking Provider

A disgruntled ex-customer of one of the world’s most famous banks has taken an incredible step to show his displeasure with the way he was treated. After he was mis-sold life insurance and protection against a business loan he had taken out with the financial behemoth, Christopher George decided to have the last laugh against the brand, buying up a similar domain name and trademarking it as a different kind of bank – a sperm bank. 

The new trademarked domain, www.thehongkongandshanghaibankingcorporation.com, is registered in Class 05 – in respect of sexual stimulant gels, semen for artificial insemination, chemical contraceptive sponges and other related items. As the bank in question has not used this company name in full for around 20 years, the corporation has no grounds for complaint, as no trademarks have been infringed.

Mr George feels he was strongly taken advantage of by the banking provider, who he was formerly with for 10 years before the problems began. He feels he was coerced into taking out protection against an unsecured business loan, and when protection repayments grew to a level equal to the loan itself, his cash flow was seriously hindered – to the point where he had to unfortunately close his business down.

After paying over £45,000 of his own personal funds to prop up the business for as long as possible, Mr George was informed by the bank that his loan protection could be cancelled at any time, and their verdict on the complaint is that their customer was never mis-sold any protection. With a valid complaint behind him, Mr George was disappointed to learn that the bank in question were implying he was lying about the situation.

Mr George says, “I was incredibly disappointed to have been backed into a corner by the bank, who I trusted and had banked with for around a decade. I feel I was blackmailed into taking out insurance and payment protection I didn’t need – I was assured that I could not continue with the business loan without this kind of protection, so it struck a nerve with me when I was then informed I could have cancelled it at any time.”

He adds, “We have seen numerous examples of this type of exploitation over the last few years, with banks and bankers thinking they are above ordinary people. Corporations feel they are untouchable and I’m not prepared to stand by and let them get away with what I believe is deceit and coercion, as well incredibly poor customer service.”

Mr George has since paid back the business loan in full and finally stopped all protection against it. After the ordeal, he decided to take a close look into his personal finances and discovered he had been mis-sold PPI, claiming more than £5,000 back in compensation as a result of the heightened attention on his banking.

To find out more about Mr George’s experience, please visit the website: http://www.thehongkongandshanghaibankingcorporation.com/

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