Divorce Magazine Offers Uplifting Online Resources to Separated Couples

Health Status lists divorce as one of life’s top five most stressful situations and with news that 42% of UK marriages end in divorce, the harrowing life experience can be a distressing and unfortunately, common occurrence. The Divorce Magazine is the ideal online resource to help couples and families dealing with the ramifications of divorce to do so as amicably possible.

The digital service provides those grappling with divorces and separations with a plethora of online solutions designed to enable them to move on and begin a new chapter in their lives. With divorce typically perceived as an antagonistic, unpleasant process, the site aims to encourage co-operative divorces and family mediation to reduce ensuing stress and conflicts.

Soila Sindiyo, founder and editor of the magazine says, “Divorce is extremely common within our society. There are numerous reasons why a couple may choose to divorce including infidelity, conflicting differences or in many situations, the simple but often unsettling growing apart. Divorce is one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences a person can go through and can leave people feeling incredibly isolated. Our online resource, The Divorce Magazine is designed for anyone experiencing the fallout of such a dramatic life change, including those involved and the family members affected.”

Having already received a warm reception, The Divorce Magazine has received mentions in acclaimed publications Woman Magazine, Irish Times and The Times Magazine and has also been covered by RTE Radio 1. Each section of the digital divorce site details particular concerns ranging from legal matters to divorce coaching with contributors dealing specifically in their knowledgeable area of expertise to ensure that succinct, reliable and accurate advice is always given to readers.

The user friendly site centres on particular topics of relevance including resources for coping with divorce, children and divorce, domestic abuse, divorce law and finance and family mediation as well as a section dedicated to humour and making people smile! There’s also lots of relatable stories from users, to help those in a similar situationThe ‘children and divorce’ section of the magazine is a great resource for separated parents, explaining the effects of divorce on children of all ages, and flagging up when to be concerned about a child.

Soila added, “It’s very important for us that divorce is not seen as all doom and gloom. It is naturally a challenging and difficult time but all life transitions are. The motivation for divorce is multifaceted but when the decision is final, it is often for a very good reason. We really want those going through this to feel supported and confident to close a chapter of their life and move forward to a new future. It’s a compassionate support group that is designed for men and women of all ages, whatever their experience of marriage and relationships, to come together and help each other through this complex time because there is a new life on the other side of divorce.”

To find out more about The Divorce Magazine visit http://www.thedivorcemagazine.co.uk/

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About The Divorce Magazine: The Divorce Magazine is an online resource designed for those impacted by divorce and separation. The easy to navigate site helps divorcees work through the emotional and mental fallout as well as dealing with legal and financial implications whilst striving to move forwards. The site features advice from experts in various fields including divorce coaches and legal matters as well as personal stories from users.