Divorce Rate to Soar as Economy Recovers – Hopkins Encourages Clients to Organise Post-Divorce Finances Effectively

68% of lawyers are predicting that the number of UK divorces will soar as the economy continues to recover – and one Midlands solicitor is encouraging separating couples to seek expert advice as soon as possible. Hopkins Solicitors is a Nottingham-based firm specialising in all elements of family law, and their team of legal experts are urging those separating imminently to organise their finances quickly and efficiently, to avoid lengthy legal battles.

According to figures from finance firm Grant Thornton, 50% of lawyers expect that financially dependent spouses are more likely to petition, now that the economic recovery has given them a better chance of receiving a reasonable settlement. In the past, many couples were put off from divorcing, purely because the economic downturn left them unsure of how they would survive on their own finances. This left many people living with unhappy marriages, with the added pressure of financial strain hanging over them. Now that the economy is stable, Hopkins Solicitors is speaking out to encourage those in unhappy marriages to seek expert advice and organise their finances as soon as possible.

Beth Sheridan, from Hopkins Solicitors, says, “Marital finances can be incredibly complex – in recent years we’ve seen financial pressure cause hundreds of divorces, but we’ve also seen unhappy couples stay together because they were unable to function without the cushion of shared finances. Now that the economy has shown growth and improvement, we’d like to speak out to those thinking about separation, to urge them to waste no time in putting their financial house in order.”

Beth adds, “Seeking advice as soon as possible can help to ensure that conflict is minimised – essential when kids are involved. Getting finances in order quickly can also have an impact on things like mortgages, shared debts and planned borrowing – we really can’t overstate the importance of sorting out these details efficiently and quickly with expert help.”

Hopkins Solicitors offers a stellar family law service that covers all elements of the divorce process. From starting divorce proceedings, through representation and one-off advice sessions, the team of experienced family solicitors are on hand to support clients through every step of the difficult process. Hopkins tailor the service to every client individually – so whether they want the legal team to handle every aspect of the divorce, or whether they simply need occasional legal advice, the service can be matched to the client’s needs. 

The service can be offered at a fixed-fee, and with payment plans to suit each client’s individual situation, which is ideal when it comes to coordinating the family finances with an ex-partner. There are no nasty surprises at the end of the process, and clients can budget with confidence as they navigate the challenging period of separation.

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