DMS Celerity SSDs Offer Apple Users Full Functionality After TRIM Support is Disabled

After Apple controversially disabled TRIM support on 3rd party SSDs for those using Yosemite, Data Memory Systems is seeking to reassure Apple users that there’s still a way for them to enjoy the benefits of the TRIM command – by investing in their DMS SSD with Sandforce Durawrite capabilities.

Tech giant Apple has a history of only enabling TRIM for Apple drives – which meant that those who install third-party SSDs in the past had to use a third-party tool to enable the TRIM functionality. However, some changes in their latest operating system, Yosemite, means that non-approved SSDs will lead to the OS refusing to load the appropriate driver. Data Memory Systems have the solution to this issue, in the form of their DMS Celerity SSDs, which include Sandforce Durawrite. Durawrite produces similar benefits to the TRIM command, whether or not TRIM is present – so in cases where Apple is blocking access, DuraWrite effectively overrides the block and ensures that users benefit from the benefits of TRIM functionality.

 In SSDs that don’t use Durawrite or TRIM, data which is pending deletion and the free space share the same space, which means the drive has to spend more time using the free space in the most efficient way. In an SSD which supports TRIM, the data which is about to be deleted actually become free space, making the SSD faster and increasing overall performance levels. Using elements of data de-duplication, data decompression and data differencing, Durawrite reduces the amount of writes that must be passed through to the flash, allowing the SSD to perform like a regular drive with TRIM support.

The DMS Celerity 3G SSD combines enterprise-class performance and reliability with low power operation, to create the ideal mobile drive. It has a number of high-end features worth shouting about, from advanced read disturb management, ultra-efficient block management and wear levelling, temperature management and a RoHS-compliant package. All this on top of an intelligent ‘recycling’ feature, and the TRIM command support that Apple users will be missing when they use Yosemite.The 240GB drive offers a performance boost for enterprise-level computers, ensuring that programs and applications can run to the highest potential, without ever compromising on multitasking abilities. The drive is currently available at just $137.00, with other price brackets and models also available to buy from Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ leading suppliers of computer memory solutions.To find out more about Data Memory Systems and to browse the extensive range of memory upgrades, visit the website at:



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