DNA & Stem Cell Anti Ageing experts to host Live Age Reversal show in Leicester

A leading team of DNA & Stem Cell Anti Ageing experts is inviting those with a keen interest in anti-aging science to learn about a range of new facial regeneration Stem Cell treatments at a seminar on Saturday 23 April. The exclusive seminar will take place at Thurmaston Health Centre, Leicester and is organised by Genesis Clinics. It offers attendees the opportunity to learn about senescence and watch a live demonstration of a revolutionary new treatment.

Emma Soos RN and Dr Jorge Zafra will discuss aging, highlighting senescence – which is the science of growing old, how and why DNA influences the ageing process, and why – despite popular belief – most topical creams are ineffective. The age-defying experts will then demonstrate how the future of anti-aging is about regeneration using nature by showcasing the revolutionary Anti Senescence Facelift 3, a ground-breaking treatment that effectively uses natural elements to support the body in the fight against aging.

Stephen Soos CEO at Genesis Clinic said, “Anti Senescence Live is ideal for those wanting to learn more about developments in Stem Cell medicine and it’s application within the anti-aging industry. Everyone wants to look their best, and fighting the impending signs of aging is one of the things that people worry about most. There are many products on the market that claim to help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, however very few of them actually have an impact on the skin at all. Anti Senescence Facelift 3 is a revolutionary treatment that is more advanced than anything else in the world. By using nature’s most potent life giving cells from our own bodies, we have been able to harness a product that really works – naturally.”

Genesis is a team of doctors, nurses and business experts dedicated to advancing the science of regenerative medicine in the world’s most technologically advanced clinics and hospitals. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible by collaborating and converging the latest technological breakthroughs, they hope to bring forward DNA and stem cell treatments that are years ahead of its time. The team’s ultimate goal is to develop viable, low cost, geographically scalable treatments that slow down the onset of age related degenerative diseases, increase life span and the quality of life.

As well as witnessing the immediate effects of the treatment, attendees to the event will be able to track the progress of the treatment over the subsequent four weeks with regular online updates, as well as receiving a free Digital Age Analysis, a seven point digital scan that highlights what can be done to slow down the effects of aging, worth £75.

To find out more about Genesis Clinic’s event, visit the website: www.genesis.clinic/liveevents


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