Do more with your lunch break with new vagina facelift from Genesis Clinics!

Genesis Clinics have launched ‘Nu-V’: a brand new 15 minute vagina tightening, non-invasive treatment to address the fact that 80% of women over 35 suffer from vaginal loosening issues. As it stands, GPs offer very little in terms of a solution to these problems, but Genesis Clinics can give patients a tighter, more youthful vagina with relief from incontinence, restored moisture levels, supercharged sexual satisfaction and improved confidence, all for £499.

This treatment is already proving popular in the UK, but the goal is to spread the message further to make more women over 35 aware of this complete vaginal rejuvenation treatment. It is ideal for those women who perhaps have had children and wish to have a pain-free procedure to bring back tightness instantly. This is a brilliant alternative to vaginoplasty, which is the surgical reconstruction of the vagina which can tighten the muscles after birth or due to general aging. This surgical procedure can cost upwards of £4,000, so our alternative pain free method is perfect for those who want to address these personal problems without spending their life savings.

In addition to this brand new treatment, Genesis Clinics are also launching a new clinic at Westferry Circus in Canary Wharf which will be a high-end flagship clinic, located inside Lyca Health’s new development. It will be equipped to the very highest standards and will offer patients the best private medicine at low costs. An additional consultation room will be opened in Harley Street to give patients in that area access to the amazing treatments. Currently, the clinic is based in Leicester and has patients travelling from London, Aberdeen, Cardiff and Manchester to get this brand new treatment so the goal is to make this more accessible to more people, as its popularity increases.

“Our goal is to bring this to as many women as possible. For every 10 paying patients, we will be giving a pro bono treatment to women on a low income so that they too can benefit from this fantastic treatment.”

Genesis Clinics currently has 100% satisfaction rates from all their happy customers, as ranked on the Feefo link you will find on their website. If you look on their site, you’ll be able to watch the video testimonial on the Nu-V page, where Dr Natasha Ranga and one of her patients will go into more detail about the treatment:!vaginal-tightening/cl7cm

“Amazing treatment that really works with friendly and professional staff.” - Angela Timson 

For more information, please contact:

Name: Emma Soos


Phone: 0800 488 0909 

Journalists are welcome to have full access to case studies, interviews and high res images to accompany their pieces, as well as the opportunity to have a free treatment in exchange for a write up in their publication (This also applies to bloggers and influencers).



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