Do You Know Your Mixer From Your Power Shower?

Do You Know Your Mixer From Your Power Shower?

Choosing the right shower for your own personal needs is important. Do you opt for a top-of-the-range digital shower with all the latest features, or a mixer shower with combined access to hot and cold water for easy temperature adjusting? Bathroom experts Bella Bathrooms offer this comprehensive guide to showers to ensure that you choose the option that is best for you.

Electric Showers

Known as the most popular type of shower installed within modern day bathrooms, electric showers are very simple to use and easy to install. They are essentially water heaters, and they heat the water as it rushes towards the shower head. They can be fitted anywhere within the bathroom where they can be connected to both the water supply and the property’s power supply. High-quality electric showers use the main water supply of the house, so that they can be installed in many areas where other showers wouldn’t necessarily be able to function without an additional shower pump. For customers searching for economy options, electric showers only heat the water that you need.

Mixer Showers

As it says in the name, mixer showers combine hot and cold water to provide those using the shower with their perfect temperature. Mixer showers need to be supplied with hot and cold water at the same pressure; this means that they can be installed easily on mains-fed systems, high-pressure systems, tank-fed systems and low-pressure systems. These types of shower have no electrical parts whatsoever, meaning they come in a beautiful range of clean and contemporary designs with no wiring.

Power Showers

Power showers utilise the best of both mixer showers and electric showers. They combine hot and cold water to create ideal temperatures, whilst using an electric pump which increases the flow rate of the shower from the head. Power showers help to save on energy like electric showers, and also use much less electricity than the conventional electric showers as they do not heat the water.

Digital Showers

Digital showers put the owner in complete control of their showering experience. They come fully equipped with remotes for full control over power, flow and temperature so that users can enjoy a completely personalised shower. Once the unit is switched on, just a touch of a button can adjust it to the perfect temperature to avoid any cold surprise in the morning. Developments in wireless technology has meant that these showers can be installed within bathrooms and shower areas easily without damaging any fittings that exist.

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