Dr Felix Launches Olympics-Themed Sex Workout Infographic, Just In Time For Rio 2016

The online pharmacy service compares bedroom workouts to those of Olympians to help encourage ‘sexercise’. 

DrFelix, a British healthcare company, has given its famous Sex Workout Calculator an Olympics-themed revamp and created an infographic, just in time for the competition opener on August 5th.

The infographic allows any couple to compare their bedroom activities to the workouts of Olympic athletes – so they can see exactly how many calories they’re burning in each position, and how far they have to go to become the next Usain Bolt or Jessica Ennis-Hill!

The interactive sex calculator allows users to simply input their gender, enter their existing weight, choose the sexual position of their choice (and how long they’ll be in their chosen position) before hitting ‘calculate’. The calculator uses metabolic equivalent scores (METs) to calculate the amount of calories burnt per minute of ‘sexercise’. The infographic then equates those figures to an Olympic sport, whether it’s weightlifting, the long jump or the 100m, as well as showing which muscle groups you’re focusing on during your steamy session.

Tamsin Nicholson, medical researcher for DrFelix, says, “Using your MET scores for different positions, we’ve been able to work out exactly how much bedroom activity you’ll need to carry out to match the workouts of your favourite Olympic athletes. Sex has always been a more enjoyable way to burn calories and tone up, especially when compared to hitting the gym – and our Olympics-themed Sex Workout Calculator helps you target key areas and offers suggestions that could help you achieve the fantastic physiques of our most successful Olympians.”

Tamsin Nicholson adds, “Just ten minutes in the missionary position is equivalent to five minutes of running – and we think we know what our customers would prefer! You could also end up losing around two pounds per week, just be introducing half an hour of vigorous sex into your daily regime. Whether you’re simply trying to burn off the hamburger you had for lunch, or whether you genuinely want to compete with Olympic athletes in your fitness levels, our Sex Workout Calculator can help you get there!”

Dr Felix is renowned for providing convenient online consultations for the public, issuing private prescriptions for a range of common maladies and conditions, from period delay tablets to erectile dysfunction. All medicines are genuine UK manufactured, with a lowest price guarantee compared to all other UK online pharmacies.

With a team of expert doctors on hand to offer concise and clear information on suitable treatments, DrFelix has become a one-stop-shop for those who simply can’t fit in a doctor’s appointment – or those who are perhaps too embarrassed to see their GP with a certain problem.

For more information about Dr Felix, visit the website: https://www.drfelix.co.uk/

To check out the Rio Olympics-themed Infographic, head to this page: https://www.drfelix.co.uk/bedroom-olympics-rio-2016-infographic   

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