DramaClasses.biz Predict Rise in Teaching after Arts Council England Funding Decisions

Last month’s announcement of Arts Council England’s investment in arts and culture from 2015-2018 delivered some hostile responses from the arts sector, as it appears the diminishing budget of ACE is failing to spread to nationwide talent.  670 UK organisations will receive funding as part of the National Portfolio, but many innovative companies had budgets slashed or funding cut altogether.  As a result of this lack of national funding, the theatre experts at DramaClasses.biz predict a rise in artists and performers training to teach, as they are forced onto a different career path. 

ACE cut the funding of 58 arts organisations, and positively hacked into budgets of large companies who receive the majority of cash, such as English National Opera.  Annual funding for English National Opera is set to decrease from £17m to £12m, a drop which ENO fully expected.  With galleries, theatres, museums and performing arts companies all taking a blow, it appears there is not much room to make a creative living in the UK.

Lynn Beaumont, founder of DramaClasses.biz, said, “At the moment the future does not look bright for the arts – not just for the young hopefuls, but for the veteran artists and performers too.  If you are lucky enough to secure funding for a few years, there’s certainly no guarantee after that.  As a result, talented actors, dancers, musicians and artists will be looking for ways to earn a living through their passion, and teaching is a sensible option.  I believe many performers will become freelance teachers or look into setting up their own theatre schools.”

Of course, working for a NPO is not the only form of employment in the arts and culture sector, but spare cash in the industry is certainly a rarity.  Debates have arose about unpaid internships in the sector, which have been labelled a form of free labour and led to some arts organisations accused of taking advantage of enthusiastic graduates.  Jobs are becoming more competitive than ever, and the state of the industry can leave even the most talented performing arts practitioner out of work.   

Teaching regular classes for adults or children is a stable way to make an income for creative individuals, and classes in dance and drama are extremely popular.  Community workshops, summer schools and extra-curricular activities are great earners for performers, and even professional actors and dancers often teach educational workshops.  It is also an appealing option for people who do not want to give up on their vocation or “sell out” for a “normal” job.

Teaching as a freelancer, or as part of a stage school or performing arts facility, allows actors and dancers to stay creative in their teaching methods, rather than teaching a syllabus such as GSCE or A level.  This is why many performers choose this option, not to mention the flexibility it offers if any professional work does crop up.

DramaClasses.biz is the number one online directory of performing arts schools, listing arts facilities all over the UK from large organisations to independents.  Established by theatre professionals with over 70 years in the business, the website is a great resource for anyone browsing local performing arts classes.  It also has an array of benefits for arts organisations, as it was initially set up to help businesses advertise their classes, workshops and events online.

Ms Beaumont added, “Teachers and owners of theatre schools can advertise on our website for free.  After running a theatre company myself, I understand the troubles of marketing and the extortionate costs that come with it – that is why we created DramaClasses.biz.  Schools can be listed on the most comprehensive list of UK performing arts schools at minimal or no cost at all.”

The nationwide directory goes even further to help teachers of the performing arts, with its Forum and Teachers section of the website.  Offering various resources such as play scripts, recommended teacher training courses, backing tracks and drama games, the website is much more than a place to advertise – schools and teachers become part of a performing arts community at DramaClasses.biz.

For more information about the drama class directory, visit http://www.dramaclasses.biz/

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