Drawings and Plans Scanning experts assist architects during housing shortage with CAD Drafting and Conversion

As the UK’s population increases, it’s been well documented that the country is facing a crippling housing shortage. The number of prospective buyers is dramatically outweighing the number of properties for sale. In fact, at the beginning of the year, it was estimated that there were ten buyers for every house on the market. As a result, the government is making a firm push to increase the number of homes available, but this is putting pressure on companies both large and small. Pearl Scan, who is one of the country’s premier providers of drawings and large format plans scanning and data capture solutions to a range of sectors, is highlighting how Auto CAD Drafting and Conversion can assist architects, builders and labourers when it comes to building homes in order to make the process more efficient.

CAD Drafting and Conversion is the process of creating computer editable drawings from paper drawings or plans and allowing them to be viewed and edited on a computer system using CAD software such as AutoCAD. Helping to make the whole process simpler and streamlining effectiveness – cutting down on mistakes and errors and ensuring 100% accuracy at all times, it brings a plethora of benefits.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group said, “The UK must act now if it is to tackle the housing problem before it gets out of hand. There is a lot of pressure put on builders and architects to come up with innovative ways to create more houses in even smaller timescales than ever before. However by utilising the technology available to them, they are able to refine their processes in order to become more productive.”

The housing shortage has been on the radar for a couple of years now – since the country seemingly came out of the recession. And a report published by property consultancy Knight Frank has highlighted why the industry is struggling. According to figures, many skilled workers moved away from the sector during the financial crisis, leaving construction labour at an all-time low. And according to a quarter of Britain’s housebuilders, the high cost and lack of availability of labour will hurt their ability to build homes in the future.

Pearl Scan’s innovative and cost effective CAD conversion services can bring a whole range of tangible benefits for the buildings industry. To find out more, visit the website: https://www.pearl-scan.co.uk/scanning-services/cad-drafting-conversion   

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