Dubai-Based EDM Producer Electrifies Middle East with Latest Album

A Dubai based EDM producer is gearing up to galvanize the UAE music scene with the launch of a brand new record. Set to drop on January 16, ‘Alpha Male’ is the latest album from Afghanistan born EDM prodigy, Shuja Rabbani. A resident of Dubai for over 20-years and originally from Afghanistan, Rabbani draws his influences from a global glut of sounds. Alpha Male follows in the wake of his debut record, Afghan Provocateur.

The latest instalment from Rabbani serves up 21 brand new tracks that blend topical themes, a wicked sense of humour and of course, a raving EDM beat. The collision of social topics and an electronic aesthetic has seen Rabbani hailed by critics as the ‘Lady Gaga of Afghanistan.’ Through his new album, he hopes to continue his efforts to use music to offer the world a glimpse of Afghanistan beyond war, politics, and violence.

“I’m passionate about a lot of things in life, and the modernisation of Afghanistan’s music industry is of importance to me. Using EDM as a medium, I’m actively playing my part in changing the face of contemporary Afghanistan, and inspiring the youth of tomorrow to embrace emerging opportunities within the digital music sphere,” says Rabbani.    

As a nation that’s notoriously hostile to Western influences, Rabbani has managed to win over a huge number of progressive Afghan music buffs. The first single from the new album ‘Prisoner of My Dance Floor’ been viewed by over half a million people already. He’s now considered one of the most influential personalities on Afghan social media, as well as one of the few Dubai based EDM producers with an international digital reach. Having reached over half a million viewers around the globe on Facebook with his first single, he is now aiming to get DJ's and radio stations in the Middle East hear him out.

Rabbani says, “It blows my mind when I think about how wide reaching my music has become. The launch of Alpha Male introduces fans to a multitude fresh new electronic production techniques that will get speakers pounding.”

Since Rabbani invaded the EDM scene, his music has demanded the attention of other independent EDM artists, DJs and advocates for the advancement of Afghanistan’s small, but growing, music industry. Alpha Male is sure to fortify his reputation as both a revered EDM producer, and a catalyst for cultural change.   

A business graduate of the American University of Sharjah, Rabbani has put his business acumen to good use, managing a full-time job and global promotion of his music production. As an artist fuelled by the energy of others, Rabbani is always open to collaborating with other producers and artists in the UAE region and on a wider international scale. The second single from 'Alpha Male' will be 'Lucid Dream' – a track made with music festivals in mind as a means of fuelling this collaboration, where DJs can play it in huge stadiums and arenas to entertain large crowds.

“I’d love to work with other artists who share my fervour for EDM. Whether they’re on a mission to spark social change or simply dig electronic beats, Rabbani Records is open to collaborations,” adds Rabbani. 

When it drops on January 16 the album will be available to purchase in over 200 digital stores. Fans wanting to secure a copy now can pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.


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