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The Christmas period may be nothing but a distant memory, but the remains of Christmases gone by can stick around much longer. Gadgets, games, books, CDs DVDs and Lego are popular presents and stocking fillers, but often these new gifts take prominence and can leave older items redundant and left to gather dust. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Zapper is the online marketplace that allows individuals to sell their unwanted items simply and easily – freeing up valuable space and giving them a much needed cash injection.

Patrick Neill, CEO of Zapper, said, “Every year there are record amounts of money spent in the run up to Christmas and in the post-Christmas sales. Obviously great for retailers, it does however mean that new items take prevalence over older items, leaving them to do nothing but sit dormant due to the assumed hassle selling them will take. However there is an easy and free way to get rid of these unused items. Our website, together with our specialist app, is designed to take the stress out of doing so and allow those with a lot of unwanted gifts and items to swap them for money. We have bought over 10 Million books, CDs, DVDs, games from the public since 2009 and take pride in our service.”

January is a notoriously difficult month for many, with reports suggesting that the financial hangovers from Christmas have left the purse strings tighter than ever. And in a society where the latest must-have gadget changes every month, it is no surprise that UK Christmas spending has broken records every year for as long as many can remember. In fact, UK spenders led the way in Europe for Christmas 2016 spending, with estimates suggesting that shoppers will have spent £77.56bn on gifts for the festive season – with mobile devices the powering force behind this record spend.

Zapper is truly unique in the fact it not only buys the usual electronics, gadgets, books, DVDs, CDs and games, but it is also one of the best places to get rid of one of the most popular kids’ toys in history, Lego.

“There’s millions of Lego bricks, Lego people and accessories lying around in homes in the UK – in fact, it’s estimated that on average, every person on Earth owns at least 86 Lego bricks. Usually stored under beds, in wardrobes, lofts and draws, it can take up a lot of room around the home and does nothing more than go to waste. But thanks to Zapper, there is a simple and free way to exchange it for cash,” added Patrick.

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Since Zapper’s launch in 2011, they have paid out millions of pounds to happy customers, and processed tens of millions of items. Since their record-breaking appearance on BBC Dragons' Den in May 2012, they have grown to be the destination of choice for consumers looking for the most hassle-free, customer-focussed website and mobile app for selling books, CDs, DVDs, games, phones,  gadgets and LEGO(R).