East Lancashire’s Hospital Trust Plans ‘Teambuilding Event of the Year’ with Sundial Teamscapes

Following the success of their inaugural teambuilding day with Sundial Teamscapes late last year, East Lancashire’s Hospital Trust is planning ‘The Team Building Event of the year’ with the teambuilding experts from Sundial Group.

Nichol Orton, Head of Learning & Development at East Lancashire’s Hospital Trust told the employees at ELHT, “We are pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, the trust has commissioned a second opportunity with Sundial Teamscapes to support and develop teams working within the East Lancashire Trust.”

The teambuilding event will be held over two days (23 – 24 May 2012) at Clitheroe Hospital. Teams from the Trust will be put through their paces using a selection of indoor and outdoor teambuilding activities from Sundial Teamscapes. Over 196 members of staff will be involved in the Teambuilding Event of the Year, with each required to complete either a morning or afternoon session. The purpose of the event is to help team units within the Hospital Trust network to improve communication, trust and team work. Upon successful completion of the activities, members of staff will be awarded an EDI Certificate ‘Team Building with Teamscapes’ Qualification, which is equivalent to an NVQ2 level of learning.

Teamscapes activities simulate workplace issues in a non-threatening environment, making use of experiential leaning techniques. The activities encourage participants to discover how they and other team members respond and react to different challenges, and therefore how they can adapt their behaviour to respond most appropriately to situations. The Teamscapes toolkit aims to help teams recognise the importance of communication and trust and develop appreciation and recognition of different strengths, abilities and personalities.

The Teambuilding Event of the Year is the second event run in conjunction with East Lancashire’s Hospital Trust. In November 2011, over 140 ELHT team members attended a Teamscapes event at Clitheroe Hospital. Nichol Orton was responsible for organising the Teamscapes event. She commented "Teamscapes has been an exciting journey for us, we are the first NHS Trust to work with Teamscapes and yet already the differences we can visibly see are amazing... Since completing the programme we have seen difficult, challenging characters reflecting and amending their style." She concludes "So many staff developed their own self awareness. As an organisation we have learnt that the team is important but the self in team is crucial."

Following a post-event survey sent to all event attendees, it was found that 100% of the respondents positively responded to ‘I understand how together we can achieve so much more', ‘I understand how important it is to support each other' and ‘I understand how my contribution adds value to the team's overall performance'. These findings demonstrate the level of learning achieved from the event and the capability of transferring this learning back to workplace.

For further information about Sundial Group’s Teamscapes please visit www.sundialteamscapes.com

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About Sundial Group: The Sundial Teamscapes team building activity toolkit is the next generation of work-based development, with straightforward delivery of powerful learning outcomes in a format with which everyone will engage.

Step away from classroom based learning and instead connect with simulations of everyday challenges in a non-threatening environment, to observe how the individuals in your team respond to situations and to each other, in order to develop.

Teamscapes can be delivered at any venue or at your workplace.  The toolkit has a selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities, as well as culinary-based activities.



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