Easy Access Bathrooms – The Essentials

Easy access bathrooms are a crucial addition to any home where there are people affected by limited movement. It is of paramount importance to ensure that bathrooms are usable as possible for people with disabilities or restricted movement, so kitting it out fully with items such as grab rails and shower seats ensures that those using the room will get as much as use out of it as possible. Bathrooms experts BellaBathrooms.co.uk take a look at some of the essential items that are necessary to create a bathroom which could be classed as easy access.


Those who are unsteady on their feet or who cannot stand up for long periods of time would greatly benefit from having a shower or bath seat installed in their bathroom. Bath benches and shower seats can help people to enjoy a relaxing bath or a rejuvenating shower without worrying about losing their balance or cutting it short so that they can take a seat and rest. The seats are manoeuvrable and highly secure so they won’t slip around on wet floors, and they can be folded up or removed when they are not in use.

Bath Rails

Offering peace of mind for all who use the bathroom, grab rails are an excellent addition for those who have elderly or disable people living with them. The grab rails allow them an element of independence whilst providing stability and reassurance that they will not fall or become unsteady whilst they use the bathroom. They are available in a variety of colours, which is great for those who struggle to see the traditional white-on-white; bright blue or even chrome fittings are available to offer contrast and make the rails more visible. They also come in a range of styles, from contemporary curved fixtures to the traditional straight white rails that are so popular.

Walk-In Baths

Rather than risking a fall clambering over the side of a bath whenever you want to shower or bathe, many installing easy access facilities within their bathrooms choose to invest in easy access walk-in baths. These come fitted with a small swinging door which is watertight when sealed, but offers a simple and easy way for people to get in and out of the bath without endangering themselves. Those with limited mobility or those planning their bathroom with the future in mind are well advised to consider adding a walk-in bath to their bathroom suite.  

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