Eco banner stands from PrintDesigns help businesses improve sustainable efforts

The growing importance of improving environmentally friendly efforts within corporate operations was demonstrated recently, as global furniture retailer IKEA called for organisations across the world to join them in implementing more effective sustainability strategies. Businesses who are looking to follow suit can kick start a new sustainable way of operating by choosing from the range of eco friendly products from leading printing company PrintDesigns to fulfil their marketing requirements, whilst remaining environmentally conscious.  

When speaking at a recent climate change conference, IKEA’s chief sustainability officer urged businesses to implement long-term strategies to complete a ‘green’ overhaul of their operations. Making conscious purchasing decisions over new marketing materials such as banner stands and exhibition stands can be a great first step to reducing the environmental footprint of any business.

Often made from large amounts of plastic and paper, conventional display stands rely heavily on the use of unsustainable natural resources and materials that can lead to pollution. PrintDesigns offer a selection of banner stands created from bamboo, a fast growing material, as a natural and eco-friendly replacement to traditional exhibitions stands.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said, “It is hard to ignore the momentum that is growing amongst all industries, driving change to help our environment. Conventionally, many companies can be wasteful, with large amounts of paper and other materials being consumed at an extreme rate everyday with the production of printouts, letters and marketing materials. Our range of banner stands made from bamboo can be a great option for any company looking to reduce the amount of unsustainable resources that they consume.”

Thompson continued, “We developed this range during 20 months of research to create a final product that looked great and was long-lasting, as well as being better for the environment. Retaining the quality and feel of a conventional banner stand but with a better eco status, using this range could help towards building a better sustainable strategy throughout any business.” 

The range of bamboo banner stands is available in a traditional banner stand style, as well as an X banner design. Retail companies can also use this range, with a shelf banner stand style on offer too.

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