Edinburgh Computer Repair Shop to Send Uber for Customers

A computer repair chain in Edinburgh and Glasgow has taken customer service to the next level by launching a new scheme to help customers who can’t travel to get to their local store. SimplyFixIt will send a free Uber for those who find it hard to reach one of the tech team’s experts via public transport or simply don’t want to look for parking.

Any number of unforeseen services can make that all-important trip to get a broken machine repaired a hassle. Car broken down for example, the dread of using public transport while carrying heavy equipment or even that most daunting of all scenarios, parking in a central location! To avoid all this, SimplyFixIt’s partnership with Uber to transport customers directly to their stores is inspired. The computer guru’s at SimplyFixIt have five separate stores in Edinburgh City centre, one in Glasgow City centre, one in Juniper Green and one in Dalkeith. In addition to the convenient locations, the Uber service makes it truly effortless to get the best technical support around.

Jason Eccles, General Manager at SimplyFixIt said, “We already do our absolute best in store to provide a cutting edge level of customer service, in terms of friendly helpful staff, pricing, turnaround speed and our level of expertise. But we wanted to really make a statement to show our dedication to our customers, both existing and new. We’ve removed all of the external factors and potential gripes of getting to our stores away by working with Uber to provide a simple and easy solution.”

The Uber service with SimplyFixIt is easy to use. Contact SimplyFixit, either by phone on 0800 193 4948 or online using the email form at simplyfixit.co.uk/uber. If the problem requires a trip to store, the technician will arrange for an Uber car to be dispatched for you and your device.

Uber is a smartphone app which connects customers to taxi drivers. The app provides vehicle information and driver details so the passenger knows exactly who is collecting them and when. In standard consumer use you can even pay via the app itself. With this service though, there’s nothing to pay at all, as all costs are covered by the SimplyFixIt.

What’s more, in Scotland, every driver has been vetted and must be licensed by the local council in order to accept fares via the Uber app.

SimplyFixIt is a multi-platform technical device repair and consultancy service with multiple stores across Edinburgh & Glasgow. Established in 1996, and employing both Microsoft & Apple Certified technicians, they are uniquely placed to be able to repair Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and Windows based laptops to the highest quality level. For customers who do opt to travel in their own car, SimplyFixIt will pay for parking.

For details of locations and for further information about the services available, visit the secure website simplyfixit.co.uk/uber


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