Effervescent Tablets Hit the Mark With Fitness Fanatics

There’s no denying that the fitness movement has exploded over recent years. The millennials’ generation is more health and image focussed than previous generations. Partly due to the increased exposure to image-based social media influences and the rise of the #fitfam, the UK fitness industry is most definitely enjoying a resurgence. And for those undertaking regular exercise, effervescent vitamin brand VÖOST is highlighting the importance of getting the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals and fuelling your body correctly to ensure you’re maximising the impact from your efforts.

In today’s busy world, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to get the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals from our diet. In fact, a recent survey stated that over 70% of the British public do not eat the recommended five portions of vegetables per day (1) – which is a main source of a whole host of nutrients. And for those who undertake rigorous activity regularly, this is especially important. The more active people are, and the more stress that is placed on the body, the greater the need for suitable nutritional uptake. Making sure vitamin and mineral intake is high enough is an imperative factor for helping to maintain normal health and wellbeing.

Thomas Siebel, Managing Director, said, “It’s great that the world has embraced the fitness movement, however people must make sure that they fuel their bodies properly in order to make sure they are getting the most out of exercise. Of course, nothing beats a healthy diet, although often people focus on what they are doing externally and not what they are actually putting into their bodies. And with such busy, stressful lifestyles, it’s not hard to see why. Adequate vitamin intake is part of a balanced diet but for some, preparing and consuming enough of the right fruit and vegetables each day can sometimes be a big ask. There are times when we need an extra boost of vitamins and minerals. This is where VÖOST is able to help fill those nutritional gaps to help keep active bodies healthy and feeling good.”

VÖOST’s range of effervescent vitamins and minerals are designed to help meet specific needs, one of which is Magnesium to help maintain normal muscle and nerve function. Intense exercise – particularly long, energy draining cardio and strenuous weight training – impacts the body heavily, so it’s important that those people are paying attention to what they put into their bodies first and foremost.

VÖOST vitamins and minerals contain no added dairy, lactose, yeast or preservatives. VÖOST is not just for fitness lovers, these delicious tablets are perfect for people who don’t get enough vitamins or minerals and feel like they could use a boost.

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At VÖOST we love all things effervescent. We’re about providing our customers with specifically formulated vitamins and minerals that suit the Australian Lifestyle, all year round. We also understand customers’ needs vary through summer, autumn, winter, and spring, which is why we wanted to develop a complete A to Z range of effervescent vitamins and minerals.


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