EHRC Uncovers Serious Culture of Underpayment in Contract Cleaning Industry

After a new study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that cleaners working in the commercial cleaning industry experience underpayment, and are often denied holiday and sick pay, IQTimecard is urging the companies at fault to undertake a serious review of their payroll systems – or face real consequences.

Cleaners interviewed for the report indicated that some were paid less than minimum wage, with contracts ranging between £5 and £7.50 per hour, while a significant number of those workers were not paid in full, or were refused the holiday or sick pay that they are entitled to by law. With the government now working hard to ‘name and shame’ companies that pay their employees less than minimum wage, IQTimecard is urging those in the contract cleaning industry to clean up their act with regards to payroll and workforce management.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “Our time and attendance solution integrates seamlessly with payroll systems to prevent issues like underpayment. There are also numerous new reports that allow employers to check that they are paying their workforce the minimum wage, as well as calculating things like holiday pay and sick leave. There is no excuse now for businesses who aren’t paying their employees what they should – especially in contract cleaning, where many of the workers in the report stated they felt supremely undervalued.”

IQTimecard is a simple solution that automates all payroll systems so that workers are paid exactly what they earn for the hours they’ve worked. The clocking in element of the software involves an electronic call monitoring solution that records calls from employees on a system to indicate when they check in and check out of a premises. The software then calculates how many hours they worked there and adds it to their total earnings for the month.

The workforce monitoring solution helps to streamline payroll and ensures that mistakes are minimised – but it can also help with compliance with minimum wage laws. IQTimecard can run a number of reports that will flag up employees who are not being paid over the wage threshold, so that employers can rectify the problem – before the government decides to name and shame them.

Mr Lynes adds, “The cleaning sector in the UK is made up of half a million workers and contributes £8bn to the UK economy – it’s crucial that employers remunerate their staff properly for the work they put in to keep the offices, retail units and leisure venues of this country running smoothly.”

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