Elymentz Launches Next Generation Mobile Communication App

Smartphone users can now carry the world in their pockets thanks to an innovative new cross platform app that supports free text, chat translation on the fly, scheduled calls, voice, video messages and more. Featuring free calls within the network and affordable rates for outside contacts, Elymentz is set to emerge as the next big thing in mobile apps.   

Nikhil Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Elymentz said, “There is no shortage of communication apps on the market but none offer the efficiency, affordability and interactive quirks of Elymentz. Its functionality meets next generation technology in a platform that’s simple, easy and fun to use.”

Globalisation is rapidly sweeping the world and Elymentz is at the forefront of the trend. Using the intelligent chat message translation function users can communicate in 16 different languages. As well as receiving a translated version in their native tongue messages can also be viewed in original form. Whether gossiping with an international friend of talking business with a foreign client, translation function brings a new level of diversity to digital messaging apps.

For easy and instant text based conversations the Elymentz chat room is a must have platform for smartphone users. From a one-on-one conversation to a thread of 50 participants, Elymentz offers users total flexibility. Enrich messages with emoticons, stickers, location pins, images, voice notes, videos, doodles and more.

Unlike other digital chat platforms Elymentz supports communication between both registered and non-registered users. Members enjoy competitive rates for calls made outside the Elymentz network. All international rates can be viewed on the website which means customers receive total transparency and no unexpected bills.

For corporate users Elymentz represents a new era of functionality and convenience. Conference call function is able to support up to 20 Elymentz users, as well as additional outside participants.

As well as connecting calls Elymentz also doubles as a forwarding tool. Users can use the service to automatically route incoming calls to another number of their choice. This function is set to be a favourite with both business and social users.

Elymentz utilises Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connectivity which ensures lighting fast speeds. All voice calls are broadcast in HD quality for crystal clear transmission for zero frustrations and exceptional clarity.

Elymentz is compatible with Android, IOS and is be available respective operating systems. The app is available to download from the relevant online stores.

To find out more about Elymentz and how the platform has revolutionised the telecommunications application software market, go to: https://elymentz.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elymentz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/myelymentzapp


Dakota Digital for Elymentz

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Email: Rebecca@dakotadigital.co.uk

Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


Elymentz is an intelligent new cross platform mobile application that connects both registered and non-registered users. It is packed full of functions including free texts and calls, voice and video messages, chat translation, location pins, affordable rates to contacts outside the Elymentz network, call forwarding services and more. All calls are transmitted in HD quality via WIFI/3G. The application is available in Android, IOS and Windows App stores.