Empatika Reveals Research into Materials of Tomorrow

A growing awareness for environmental responsibility is sweeping the globe and with its eco-friendly ethos and dedication to sourcing the latest sustainable materials, Empatika is at the forefront of the trend. Blending stylish, modern designs with safe, sustainable materials, the innovative company is fast emerging as a global pioneer in environmentally responsible fitted furniture. 

According to recent studies from WWF, 12-15 million hectares of temperate forests and tropical rainforests are felled each year. This equates to a destruction rate of around 36 football pitches per minute. Furthermore, government reports have revealed that the UK produces around 140 million tonnes of landfill waste each year, a significant amount of which is made up of discarded household waste. With shocking statistics such as these now emerging on a regular basis, the need for everyday people to make environmentally responsible choices has never been more critical.  

Owned and operated by passionate environmental advocate Tristan Titeux, Empatika is a revolutionary company that breaks new ground in terms of sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture design. Constantly on the search for innovative materials and eco-friendly ideas, Mr Titeux continues to develop his business in exciting new ways. If there is an imaginative new product out there, Empatika is guaranteed to know about it. From hemp board and eco paint to recycled bottle glass and organic banana veneer, Mr Titeux is continually building partnerships with likeminded businesses in order to offer his clients the very best in 100% natural and recyclable materials.  

Mr Titeux, founder of Empatika said, “My aim is to encourage and promote the use and manufacture of natural, sustainable, healthy materials that don't damage the planet or its people. For decades, modern society has taken the earth’s natural resources for granted and in turn, we are now facing an ecological crisis. Through the creation of eco-friendly furniture, I want to empower people with the knowledge and ability to build a better, healthier and cleaner world for our children.”

As well as advocating for sustainability, Empatika is setting new industry standards when it comes to safe materials and the creation of healthy living environments. With many modern materials housing hidden chemicals and toxins that can be detrimental to health, Mr Titeux has made it his personal mission to offer Brits a safe and natural custom furniture alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

UK citizens are now more informed and concerned with the subject of ecological sustainability than ever before. By sourcing unique, next generation materials, Empatika offers natural, sustainable and premium quality custom built furniture that helps households and businesses preserve the earth for future generations.

To find out more about Empatika and how Mr Titeux is leading the way in modern eco-friendly furniture design, visit http://www.empatika.uk. 

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About Empatika: Empatika is a UK based business owned and operated by passionate eco advocate Tristan Titeux. The company creates bespoke furniture and home accessories using 100% natural, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable materials. It has received acclaim across the UK, featured in various prestigious magazines as well as ITV’s ’60 Minute Makeover’ and Ty Pennington’s ‘Homes for the Brave’.