Empatika Supports WWF’s #SaveForests Campaign – and Encourages Others to Follow Suit

As a major pioneer in the eco fitted furniture arena, Empatika is publicly supporting the current WWF campaign to stop forests disappearing. As a business that works with timber on a daily business, London’s premier eco carpentry company are backing the responsible forest trade campaign and calling on all their customers – and other businesses – to do the same.

It’s shocking that in the UK products made from illegally sourced wood and unsustainable wood – such as furniture, books and cards – can be bought quite easily. On average, each person consumes around a tonne of timber each year, and up to 20% of that could be illegally logged. As forests are diminishing at a horrifying rate of one football pitch every two seconds, the WWF have launched a new campaign to put pressure on the EU to stop allowing illegal wood to get through the loopholes in the regulation.

Tristan Titeux, Founder and Director of Empatika said, “Sustainability is in the heart of everything we do here at Empatika – nature and wildlife are very close to my heart. We always used responsibly sourced, low chemical wood in our eco furniture products, and encourage our customers to choose our most eco-friendly options.”

Unfortunately, not all businesses working with timber have the same sustainable attitude as Empatika. Illegally sourced wood can be cheaper than responsibly sourced wood, and forests worldwide are being destroyed at an alarming rate. There are loopholes in the current EU regulation which prevents illegally logged wood being imported into Europe. In December 2015 this regulation is set to be reviewed, which is why the WWF has taken the opportunity to start the #SaveForests campaign.

Mr Titeux said, “We’re incredibly proud to show our support to such a worthwhile campaign as #SaveForests. We source our wood from Medite, who actually plant more trees than they cut down and are FSC approved – which is recommended by the WWF. I’m calling on other businesses to follow Empatika’s lead and support the campaign, along with big names such as Boots, M&S and B&Q.”

For consumers, supporting the WWF #SaveForests campaign is as easy as signing their name on the website. Businesses can help put pressure on key decision and policy makers, and can contribute by supporting the call for a sustainable timber market and pledging to buy sustainable products.

To find out more about Empatika’s sustainable ethos and eco fitted furniture, visit http://www.empatika.uk/

To find out more about the WWF campaign and pledge your support, visit http://www.wwf.org.uk/how_you_can_help/campaign_with_us/forest_campaign/

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