Empower Network Welcomes 6,000 Visitors to Launch of New Blogging Platform

Empower Network 2.0 Poised To Overtake Mainstream Blogging Platforms

The latest Empower Network event held in Denver brought in around 6,000 attendees and had a projected local economic impact of $8.6 million in the city last weekend. The conference, held on July 19-21, was Empower Network’s quarterly affiliate conference, and the software giant chose to mark the occasion by making a $10,000 donation to the local community. They also unveiled the brand new Empower Network 2.0, the innovative new blogging platform which will be used by members only.

David Wood, Co-Founder of Empower Network said, “We were thrilled to hold our quarterly conference in Denver this time around, and we marked the occasion with a whole variety of exciting features. We recognized many of our top sales affiliates and provided some excellent training courses for newly-joined affiliates, while also promoting our brand new blogging platform, Empower Network 2.0.”

The company’s innovative blog software, Empower Network 2.0, is already being tipped to rival popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr and TypePad and looks set to become one of the most popular community blog sites in the world. The company invested more than $3.2 million in developing the blog software, which is said to have the ability to ‘alter the history of marketing’.

The Empower Network blogging system was designed by a team of expert marketers to help those who want to break into the lucrative world of online marketing.

The blogging platform has been used now by over 175,000 members all over the world. Members have also had the chance to promote the blogging platform and take advantage of the 100% commission structure which has seen Empower Network pay more than $60,000,000 in commissions to everyday people.

Many people will pay thousands of dollars to have their own blog designed, then when they come to use it, they encounter a truckload of problems, including a lack of understanding regarding marketing. The viral blogging system that Empower Network has become so famous for is a fully fledged marketing system that comes straight out of the box. When considering all of the design costs, hosting fees and additional outsourced services that running a marketing blog can demand, the savings made by investing in Empower Network’s blogging system are vast.

The ‘viral blog’ is ready to use from first set-up, and marketers can begin posting content and marketing their own business, product, service or even personal content for themselves. Optimized marketing themes which have powerful sales psychology built into them are available to customize all blogs, ensuring that casual visitors are more likely to turn into paying customers. A built-in SEO tool allows bloggers to target keywords and help potential clients to find their new online location. Using all of Empower Network’s marketing know-how, an innovative function called ‘viral sharing muscle’ allows those writing blogs and content to get the highest level of exposure possible, powering up the search engine results and generating income right out the box.

One of their Top Earners, Shaqir Hussyin, founder of SoloAdsAgency.com has now generated in excess of over $700,000 in affiliate commissions marketing the Empower Network blogging platform and other products. He now invites seriously motivated people from all over the world to join him and his team of entrepreneurs as part of the Empower Network movement.

Hussyin has trained hundreds, from single parents to construction workers, on how to create high incomes using a proven system. He said, “Out of all of the stuff I’ve seen online, I’ve never seen anything work this well.” He wants people to finally find hope in their quest to create passive income online. He offers exclusive bonuses to new team members and an unmatched level of support to help their business grow.

After their successful quarterly event in Denver, Empower Network look forward to an exciting new future with the launch of their new blogging platform, helping to empower even more marketers across the country.

The strategies inside Empower Network can be used to market any business online or offline. Visit http://ShaqirHussyin.com/empower-network for more information on how to get started.

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Empowering marketers across the country, Empower Network offers blogging software that allows anyone to market their own content or business. The blogging software gives marketers the very best platform on which to showcase their wares and make money from the comfort of their homes.



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