England Football Legend Alan Shearer Tackles Mansfield-Based Accountant

England footballing legend and BBC Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer has agreed to participate for a
second novel and new 18 hole golf challenge, where he will take on Mansfield-based accountant Phil Cudworth in a 15-hour ‘golfathon’ finishing at East Berkshire Golf Club Crowthorne. The golf challenge will see Shearer flying across England in one day to play a round of golf over 18 different holes on 18 different courses.

Covered by both Sky and BBC, Shearer won the event last year, beating UK entrepreneur and business strategist Feisal Nahaboo on the 17th hole in the main competition although Phil Cudworth did participate on one of the holes where he lost to the Premier League footballing legend. Last year saw Nahaboo raise £20,000, but Nahaboo’s work soon saw Shearer’s charity benefit by a substantial amount. Last year saw planes, trains and automobiles ferry the former Newcastle striker between each hole, dotted around England, but this year Nahaboo has surprised Shearer with a helicopter as the main mode of transport. Apparently, Shearer got very nervy during turbulent times and Nahaboo believes this change will strategically benefit him!

Feisal Nahaboo, known for his entrepreneurial thinking, came up with the idea for a golfing challenge whilst offering to raise funds for Shearer’s charity. Last year the challenge began at Alan’s home golf course Close House in Northumberland and finished on the Crowthorne East Berkshire golf course, where Feisal Nahaboo is a member. Shearer beat Nahaboo in a closely contested competitive match that saw Shearer win 2&1. The latest day will involve a scratch match between Shearer and Nahaboo, with a sponsor joining the pair at each hole as part of a charity fundraising exercise. The Alan Shearer Foundation (ASF) is known for its highly specialist disability, respite, residential and social provision for people with complex disabilities and acute sensory impairments.

Phil Cudworth of McGregors Chartered Accountants said: “I can’t play golf but who wouldn’t take on legendary Shearer in a sport involving balls! My golf was so bad last year that I was the caddy! My golf has got no better so I expect to caddy for Shearer again. The charity is a great cause and our accountancy practice has always believed in supporting business communities and those in need. Shearer works hard to raise funds for his foundation and I know Nahaboo has worked miracles to get us all together to raise a significant amount for the children in the North East.”

Alan Shearer said: “Last year’s challenge was a memorable event as we were delighted with the contributions to the ASF whilst the golf was exciting and went down to the wire. I know Feisal and the sponsors are planning their revenge this year and no doubt there will be even more twists and turns over the 15 hours of golf planned. I’d like to personally thank the sponsors for supporting the event. We appreciate their efforts and generosity.”

The Futurelink Group golf challenge will take place on 4th September 2014 and is expected to be widely covered by both local and national media once again.

For more information about the Futurelink Golfing Challenge, visit http://ultimategolfingchallenges.co.uk/

Note to Editors: Press enquiries please contact phil.cudworth@mcgregorscorporate.co.uk