England Rugby Superstar James Haskell Appointed Lead Rugby Coach for Global Training Project, CoachTube

James Haskell, England and Wasps rugby star, has been appointed the very first Lead Rugby Coach for the pioneering international coaching project, CoachTube USA.

The project, founded by Wade Floyd, allows anyone in the world to access top-class video coaching and instruction from some of the globe’s most famous athletes and trainers. With Haskell signed up to represent rugby on the roster of elite coaches, CoachTube will now offer stellar rugby training and coaching to international subscribers looking to improve every aspect of their game.

Rugby union is one of the US’ fastest-growing sports, and April 2016 saw the launch of the first professional rugby league in the country. According to Wasps captain Haskell, the timing for his CoachTube appointment couldn’t be more perfect.

He says, “I’m thrilled to have been appointed the Lead Rugby Coach for the incredibly exciting CoachTube project. CoachTube’s vision is to empower young athletes all over the world, giving them access to world-class instructional coaching, as well as the motivation they need to grow as athletes and as people. It’s truly great to be involved in a project that has such important ambitions.”

Haskell adds, “Rugby is growing in popularity over in the States, and now is the perfect time to promote it, encouraging kids to discover something new, and helping adults to further their knowledge of one of the world’s most popular spectactor sports.”

With more than 70 England caps to his name, as well as a stellar club career and his own book on rugby training, James Haskell is more than qualified to be offering up his expertise to athletes across the globe. His elite athleticism and dedication to his career is also a source of inspiration for young sportsmen and women who wish to dedicate their life to the sport they love.

As part of his coaching role, Haskell will be providing his own rugby courses, which are made up of a variety of lessons, delivered as text or as video content. Each course will have around 70% of video content, to drive engagement with all demographics and ensure that the courses offer excellent value for money.

The training videos are detailed, and available on-demand, like an app store for sports tuition. The content is delivered in such a format that it can be consumed anywhere – subscribers can enjoy their coaching from the comfort of their home or the rough and tumble of the pitch itself.

To find out more about James Haskell and CoachTube USA go to: http://www.jameshaskell.com/what-is-coachtube

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James Haskell is a renowned athlete and professional rugby player, with extensive experience of playing at the highest level all around the world. Well known for his performances on the pitch, it is James’ elite athleticism and commanding physique that has seen him become one of the most recognizable rugby sportsmen of his generation.

James’ rugby career has seen him play for leading teams in London, Paris, Tokyo and Dunedin - South Island, New Zealand. To date he has earned 70 (and counting!) international caps for his country. 



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