Enjoy Cocofina Isotonic Coconut Drink As Part of Pre-Season Football Training

With just over a week to go until the 2013-14 football season kicks off in earnest, professional sportsmen across the country are in the final throes of pre-season training. For those who are looking for ways to ramp up their performance, choosing a 100% natural isotonic coconut water drink such as Cocofina is a healthy way to boost conditioning and renew energy levels after intensive training sessions.

Cocofina is a natural coconut juice packed full of nourishing minerals and electrolytes known to aid the body’s recovery process after exercise. The coconut water drink, not to be confused with coconut milk, is 100% naturally sterile and the perfect alternative to artificial sports drinks, which are packed with additives and colourings and can be detrimental to a sports regime.

Jacob Thundil, founder of the Cocofina says, “Our refreshing, authentic drink comes straight from the nut; it is made from coconut water, which is the liquid inside a young coconut, and offers an energising and rejuvenating drink for athletes and sportspeople. Long training sessions coupled with hours on coaches heading to grounds and then ninety minutes of pure adrenaline on the pitch can leave young players feeling drained. Cocofina is a nutritional powerhouse, perfect for all young men looking to start the football season on a high this year.”

The palm, shell, husk and meat of the coconut tree all serve as highly effective natural filters for coconut water, which means that by the time it reaches the hollow of the coconut, where it is harvested from, the water is purer than any spring water that might be found. Cocofina, which is a UK brand, contains more potassium than bananas and sports drinks, with the added benefit of less sodium, making it the perfect accompaniment to a long, hard training session.

The beverage also has 20% less sugars than sports or energy drinks, and is high in chloride, magnesium and a host of other vital minerals that help elite athletes to function at a higher level. Body temperature is maintained, so struggling through the late summer heat eighty minutes into a game will not seem such a feat. The biologically pure drink is the first in the next wave of energy drinks that will phase out the sugar-laden, additive-stuffed, brightly coloured isotonic drinks that currently dominate the shelves.

The football season kicks off on the 6th August, when dozens of Football League teams will be in action, with the showpiece event of pre-season, the Community Shield, taking place at Wembley the next day. There will also be thousands of Sunday League games going on all over the country. Get prepared for the roar of the crowds and the adrenaline rush with an abundance of Cocofina.

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