ESA Reveals Gamer Demographics: Which One Are You?

Rather than being the stereotypical domain of teenage boys, the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that the demographic of online gamers today is very different to what people expect. In their Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry 2013, they revealed a number of intriguing statistics which completely flips the conventional gaming image on its head.

The most intriguing element of the research was the revelation that 45% of all gamers are women, with adult women representing a greater portion of the game playing population than teenage boys; just 19% of gamers are boys aged 17 or under, with adult women making up 31% of total gamers. This is likely down to the number of female-friendly free download games online, with favorites including Cake Shop, Travel Agency and Wendy’s Wellness. All of these titles are focused largely on female gamers, and their demographic is proving to be expanding quickly.

The research found that the average gamer is 30 years old and has been playing games for 13 years. 68% of gamers are 18 or older, meaning that just 32% of them are still bona fide teenagers. Many of the free online games available on the internet and on many smartphones put a new spin on some of the classic games from decades gone by, which goes some way to explain their enduring popularity. Space Bubbles, Colour Cubes and the Jewel Quest series are all modern updates of retro games from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and they attract many adult fans who grew up playing these types of games in their youth.

Gamers-on-the-go are a relatively new demographic, but they are rapidly growing with the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. 36% of the gamers surveyed play games on their smartphone, with 25% playing on another portable device. The mobile game industry is growing by the day, and some of the most popular titles are set to be household names for years. Donkey Sean, Catch The Tune and Miami Zombies are all excellent examples of mobile games which have amassed thousands of fans due to how easy it now is to download and play games on a mobile device.

As for child gamers, it seems that 93% of parents pay attention to the content of the games that their children play. Obviously, many parents would prefer their children’s gaming experience to be an educational one too, so thrilling adventure games with a learning curve and an educational twist are growing in popularity. Jabber, Avatar Pandora and Cars Eat Cars 2: Mad Dreams are all exciting and fun games which have an education undercurrent, developing children’s skills under the watchful eye of Mom and Dad.

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