Event aims to inspire young entrepreneurs as high unemployment rates revealed

A study has revealed high rates of unemployment among those aged between 17 and 24 as young people struggle to get on the career ladder and contribute to the economy. Training company Employability Town has organised an event to help professionals working with young people discover innovative tools and practices to inspire the youth of today to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Between March and May 2016, youth unemployment rates were 28.7% for 16-17 year olds and 11.6% for 18-24 year olds across the UK. The figures highlight how difficult it is for young people to gain employment and a new report by independent UK charity EY has found that this could have an impact on the UK’s aspiration to achieve ‘inclusive growth’, particularly at a time when labour and skills is at the forefront of many employers’ minds after the Brexit vote. The lack of positions open for young people is also often attributed to a skills gap and Employability Town is one of the organisations working hard to address this.

The current job shortage means that many young people are considering setting up their own business in order to create their own career dream. While these future entrepreneurs have the ambition needed to make their dream a success they can often lack the skills and support they need. On 30th September 2016 Employability Town will be hosting a free event to gather together professionals who work with young people in order to help them discover innovative tools and practices to inspire the youth of today to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Klaudia Mitura, Founder and Managing Director of Employability Town, said, “Finding employment is a challenge for many young people today but many have dreams of starting their own business and have the ambition and drive they need to achieve this. Professionals that work with young people need to support and nurture this passion to help create businesses and entrepreneurs that will benefit the economy in the future. Employability Town itself is a start-up that has just turned 3 years old, so we fully understand the challenges and opportunities that new entrepreneurs will face. On top of this, we have worked with over 3,000 young people, boosting their professional potential, and we continue to explore the best methods to help young people advance in their careers. Our event will gather together different people from a variety of areas to help professionals get the most out of the young people they work with.”

The one-day event will take place at Europe House, London, and is open to all professionals working with young people, including FE colleges, youth workers, start-up hubs, career advisors, job centre employees and charities. Attendees of the Supporting Youth in Entrepreneurship event will be able to listen to a range of speakers about how to support young people starting their entrepreneurial journey. They will also have an opportunity to trial a test module of the innovative course Learn to Learn Entrepreneurship. The free online course is part of an EU- Funded programme through Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training that aims to develop and inspire entrepreneurship.  

To register for the Supporting Youth in Entrepreneurship event visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/supporting-youth-into-entrepreneurship-tickets-26942104560 .

To find out more about Employability Town visit www.employabilitytown.co.uk or contact Klaudia Mitura by phone on 07515499243 or by e-mail at klaudia.mitura@employabilitytown.co.uk .

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