Every Jewel Tells a Story – Introducing Shards of London

  • New London jewellery brand brings a touch of sparkle to the city
  • Presenting eight stunning collections of every day and occasion wear jewellery
  • Designed in London, Shards jewellery tells tales from around the world

From the dawning of light to the opening of adventure, each beautiful piece of Shards of London handcrafted jewellery begins a tale, whispering secrets and drawing its wearer along for the ride. 

This June a little bit of sparkle is coming to London. Bridging the gap between frivolous costume gems and the exorbitantly priced high-end market, Shards of London is offering a distinguished collection of contemporary, collectable jewellery; British designed and handmade, delivering exquisite quality at a more moderate price point.

Crafted from the finest materials, by some of the world’s most talented artisans, the Shards range exhibits a level of refinement traditionally only found in fine jewellery. Each piece is unique; every precious and semi-precious stone selected and shaped by hand; every setting polished for the optimum finish. With eight sets within the collection, there is something for almost every taste, and each design tells a different story of light, life and location.

Emerald of Light, with its glistening green gemstones and white Cubic Zirconia, exudes the beauty and strength a crisp winter’s morning.

Aurora speaks of the dawning of new hope, with fine rays of golden citrine bursting clear from behind clouds of white diamonds.

Artemis is as exuberant as the Greek goddess who gave it its name, with multiple gem stones sparkling.

The Persian Rose is softly lit with the blush of sunset, the rose gold and rose-pink jewels richly redolent of romance.

Simple, yet enchanting, the Sky Drop collection emulates the crystalline moment that light breaks through the clouds on a cool, blue day.

With a brooding dark beauty, the Arabian Night collection uses glistening gold to echo the Middle East’s perfect, soft sands, rolling dunes and moonlight, with the mysterious eyes of the harem beckoning through the dark inset gems.

Proud as its namesake, the Peacock of Marquis displays its quirky originality with beautiful lilac amethysts and crystalline diamonds set in a distinctive arrangement of proud peacock feathers.

Finally, the Champagne Orb pays homage to the majestic beauty and grandeur of the heavens, with stunning freshwater pearls encircled by white and champagne cubic zirconia.

A Shards of London spokesperson, comments: ‘We wanted to create a collection that would bring together all of the stunning sights and everyday beauties we have each encountered on our global travels. Our designers have been lucky enough to experience some of the most incredible parts of the world, but inspiration comes from everywhere: shop windows in London on a foggy night, to sparkling lights in Abu Dhabi. Every Shards of London piece is the essence of an idea, a place, a city or a beautiful object of nature; a form of tangible poetry; and it’s accessible to everyone.

‘The idea behind the brand was to create beautiful things that you needn’t be wealthy to enjoy. We really hope that our customers love them as much as we do.’

Shards of London jewellery is available from ShardsofLondon.com

Notes to editors:

Designed in our London studio, the Shards of London collection is a unique range of precious and semiprecious jewellery created for the every woman. Crafted from the finest materials, by some of the world’s most talented artisans, the Shards range exhibits a level of refinement traditionally only found in fine jewellery complemented by the innovations of modern technology.

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