Exciting Young FitBodyLife.com Athlete Achieves Top Three Status At Second National Level Fitness Competition

One of the world’s most exciting young athletes has achieved a top three finish at only her second national fitness competition. Rachel Nicole, who is sponsored by FitBodyLife.com, is now just one place away from getting her pro card following her stellar showing at Team Universe 2013; a rarity for those who have been training and competing for such a short time.

Rachel says, “I have always had a passion for fitness and been involved in the gym. I have had the pleasure of getting to know several competitors in the past, and many suggested that I compete, but because of my modeling career and general lack of knowledge about bodybuilding I didn’t have an interest to compete before now.

“Now I am a fully trained Fit Body Life coach and athlete close to earning my IFBB Pro Card after just three competitive events, two of which were national competitions.”

Rachel Nicole’s incredible achievement almost resulted in her becoming an IFBB professional athlete at Team Universe 2013. It is very rare for a newcomer to achieve professional status so early on in their career, but Rachel is a figurehead for reaching goals, smashing targets and growing as an individual.

The athlete originally became involved in the sport thanks to her fiancé, Disco Brown, he exposed her to the world of bodybuilding by showing her the famous Pumping Iron movie and he collection of Muscular Development Magazines which inspired her to support him in his competing goals. The two pushed each other daily, with intense training regimens and nutrition-packed diets as they worked toward their first competition together. For her first competition, Rachel says she trained six days a week, focusing on each muscle group individually, with the help of her fiancé. “Disco and I designed and tried various workouts to see which ones rendered the best results for our bodies. We really go to know our bodies a lot better and learned a lot about our nutritional needs.”

Since the first competition, Rachel’s career as an athlete has gone from strength to strength, and she has received sponsorship and coach status from FitBodyLife.com, a leading fitness and nutrition site with an accompanying coaching program. As an ambassador and coach for the program, Rachel has been able to use her own competitive experiences to help others to learn and grow in their fitness journeys and goals. “Being able to speak from experience or be an example of what you can accomplish is the most rewarding part of coaching,” she says.

Rachel plans on competing in two more shows this season for a shot at her pro card in August 2013 and September 2013. She says, “I was one place away from achieving my goal in becoming an IFBB professional athlete at Team Universe. This is an amazing feeling in that it shows how much I have grown since the previous competition and that I have some room to grow! I really try to focus more on the journey and growth of each show because I feel this is more important than the physical trophy you take home to collect dust on your shelf. The real competition takes place long before you hit the stage and if you aren't willing to make the changes necessary and don't enjoy the process then its not going to pay off. I'm looking forward to Competing again at the end of August for another chance work toward that Pro Card! Anything is possible if you believe in the possibility of it. I hope to learn twice as much from my next show and bring an even stronger package and presence to the stage.”

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