Experienced optician heads online with designer eyewear at fraction of high street cost

In this growing digital age, there is not much that can’t be done faster, cheaper and with better service by heading online, and many products and facilities that are integrated into daily life can now be used or acquired at the click of a mouse. New Internet glasses retailer, The Glasses Company is applying this virtual revolution to offering great quality optical care, transforming how people buy glasses with its unique shopping destination. The complex, time consuming and expensive process of finding a new pair of glasses at a high street optician is reduced to a simple and cost effective transaction online at The Glasses Company.

Formed with three core principles: service, professionalism and honesty, The Glasses Company is an online expansion of a Bedfordshire opticians’ chain, driven by 30 years of optical care expertise. After growing popular in its local area, The Glasses Company is now ready to provide great quality and low cost eyewear to the nation through its web-based store.

Krishan Kanzaria, Marketing Manager at The Glasses Company said, “I’ve worked in the optical industry for 30 years, and have quickly become aware of what the general public are looking for when searching for their next pair of glasses. In traditional high-street opticians, the process of finding a pair of frames to fit their newly acquired prescription can be time consuming and incredibly expensive, with opticians often becoming sales people, aiming to leave you with a large hole in your pocket and additional extras that you don’t need. This doesn’t make for a satisfied customer”.

The Glasses Company streamlines this process, and puts the purchasing power back in the hands of the consumer. To order glasses online , users simply need to choose from the selection of men’s and women’s frames, with prices starting at just £19.99. Some of the designer brands found online include Gucci, Ray Ban, Prada and Oakley. Once the frames have been selected the lenses are then added free of charge, with the option to include tints and additional coatings before simply checking out. Stylish glasses can be picked, customised and put into production much quicker and cheaper than when heading to traditional ‘brick and mortar’ optician outlets, with The Glasses Company.

Never swaying from its humble beginnings, The Glasses Company takes pride in its honest and professional service, with experts at hand to help its customers with optical advice whenever it is needed throughout the purchasing process.

Browse the selection of low-cost frames today by visiting https://www.theglassescompany.co.uk/


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We have being providing optical care for well over 30 years. In the 1980s, we founded and set up our first opticians in a small corner of Bedfordshire. We set it up on a series of core values and principles: Service, professionalism and most importantly, honesty. We knew if we stuck to these principles day in day out, our customers would come to our side and stay loyal to us.

Our aim is to revolutionise how people buy glasses. We have developed an easy-to-navigate online shopping portal to make purchasing glasses simple and value for money.



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