Expert Advice on Getting Your Dream Gap Year Job on a Luxury Superyacht

Students looking for a dream job this summer or during their gap year should consider working on a superyacht says

Landing a job on yacht gives students a great way to spend their working holiday travelling theMediterranean, whilst earning cash and even meeting celebrities in a rapidly growing industry.

Key insights form The Superyachts Group’s Annual Report 2012 (published 18 April 2012) revealed that despite economic difficulties, ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) - individuals or families who have at least US$30 million in investable assets or with a disposable income of more than US$20 million, are still buying and building superyachts.

According to the report jobs created by the industry are worth $5.99bn annually and have created between 150,000 and 130,000 land based jobs and 33,000 crew employed on yachts – this spells great news for students looking to travel the world, mix with the rich and famous, and get free accommodation and pay to support them through their gap year.

“Working on a superyacht (a luxury vessel or ‘cruising boutique hotel’ over 24m in length), although hard work can be a dream gap year job for many students.” says Rebecca Jordan, Co-Founder and Director of “A basic deck hand can earn a decent salary, on top of free accommodation and virtually any other living expenses. However, you do need expert advice in this area, so I have therefore teamed up with Amanda Ribbins from Flying Fish to offer useful advice on how to secure a working gap year on a superyacht.”

Amanda added: “For students looking for a gap year in the Superyacht industry there is a growing trend towards crew and prospective crew to take entry level courses.

“Our entry level courses are two weeks long and give candidates the qualifications they need to enter the superyacht world, as a Deckhand or as a Steward/Stewardess. All members of crew working on yachts 24 meters or more must have STCW95 Basic Safety Training – an internationally recognised qualification.”

For students looking to find a gap year job on a superyacht as crew or stewarding crew, once they have got their qualifications they can get a job through crew agents or “dockwalking” – this is where they approach the Captain direct and show what they have to offer.

Rebecca continued: “In order to stand out from the crowd make sure you talk to The Capitanerie (Port Control) to find out which yachts are arriving. This way you can be first on the scene to approach the Captain for work.”

Amanda added: “Students considering a gap year on a superyacht should consider working in the South of France as this has the main hub of superyachts.Antibes is probably the best place to start as it has the largest number of crew agents.”

For students still looking for a working gap year experience on a superyacht or at an another exciting destination please visit for more information.

For further information please contact Rebecca Jordan at 0113 2660880 or email

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