Expert Developers Mzemo Set The World of Smartphone Apps Alight

An exciting new entrant into the ever expanding mobile apps and game development field is promising to transform the way smartphone users go about their days with a series of fun and useful apps designed to make day-to-day living that much easier.

Mzemo is a mobile apps and games development company hotly tipped to set the already booming world of smartphone apps alight thanks to a series of sizzling new apps which are already receiving rave reviews. The future of smartphone and tablet apps is already looking incredibly bright, according to industry insiders; experts have estimated that around 56 to 82 billion apps have been downloaded so far in 2013, and by 2017 the app market is expected to amass 200 billion downloads across the globe. Mzemo have expertly created a range of games and useful apps for a variety of operating systems for those who are already seeing exactly how smartphone apps can change their lives.

Athar Ahmad, Director of Mzemo says, “Our wide spectrum of mobile apps covers everything from widgets to wallpapers, with a selection of fun games to fill any downtime. We understand the extent to which people rely on their phones to provide everything from entertainment to weather forecasts, and as a company we are all about creating apps that will make every smartphone the most functional and fun device around.”

The Umbrella Worldwide Weather app by Mzemo is available on iTunes, and is a comprehensive resource for checking the weather across the global. Going on holiday next week and want to find out the exact wind speed or temperature of your destination? This app can offer the answer. Heading fifty miles down the motorway to a business meeting and want to check whether you should bring the umbrella or the sunglasses? The Umbrella Worldwide Weather app can offer any iPhone or iPad users the answer. Other features include the ability to check past weather updates, radar images, favourite cities and changing weather units for easy reading.

Available from the Android Store, Catch The Ring is a fun-filled game for all ages that users can play anywhere. Whether enduring a long commute to the office or taking a break from exam revision, the gameplay and graphics of Catch The Ring provide a great distraction from the stresses of everyday life. Players must pass each level in the shortest time possible to accumulate a high score, making lightning-fast decisions and improving problem-solving skills. Children can use the app to develop motility and cognitive skills, whilst adults can enjoy the simple yet addictive gameplay for hours on end.

Gallery Launcher is another Android app taking the market by storm. It allows users to create their own ‘live’ wallpapers by using and customising their own images. Photos can be status or animated, and there are a wide number of effects which can be used to completely personalise the pictures and make them suitable for an individual’s phone. Add in random graphics like fluttering butterflies or droplets of rain, then save the image and use it as a completely bespoke wallpaper to adorn any Android smartphone or tablet.

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Founded in the UK, Mzemo is a creator of Android and iOS apps that transform any smartphone or tablet into a productive, entertaining, all-in-one device. Whether searching for a bespoke wallpaper or for a game you can lose yourself in, Mzemo’s beautifully designed apps will hold the answer.



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