Experts develop pioneering innovation to make OTEC a new top choice for green energy worldwide

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology uses the temperature difference between deep seawater, which is cooler, and the warmer shallow or surface seawaters, in order to run a heat engine and produce electricity.

RE-Systems has been a pioneer of new approaches to OTEC technology for five years, and consequently, has begun to emerge at the forefront of new low cost developments in the sector. In a bid to overcome the challenges faced, such as expensive, large pipes which aren’t cost-effective on a small scale, as well as costly offshore platforms, the company has developed a new system which will cut down costs and bring incredible savings to customers. New OTEC is the company’s pioneering product, and brings a whole host of incredible benefits.

OTEC is the favoured renewable energy of choice by the US Government. However the solution does come with some problems. Until now pipes have been proposed, however efforts to implement these have been disastrous due to pipes being lost at sea. Yet cost is the number one issue with traditional OTEC. Delivering an essential ingredient – deep sea cold water – is costly, while plumbing the water to shore requires long lengths of pipe along the sea bottom that is both meticulous and expensive. Likewise, installing the pipe at sea requires a costly platform ($ 500 million+). And despite the incredible benefits, all of this has rendered OTEC only a vaguely and interesting investment opportunity.

OTEC is potentially one of the most effective means of producing green energy. Resource is vast, and much larger than many other more popular sources of energy. The great advantage of OTEC is that it operates 24/7 with no fuel cost, and it only uses established technologies already used in the oil and gas sector. All parts are already mass produced or are commonplace items within industry, meaning that their cost is already competitive. Despite this, the issue of delivery has left OTEC an extremely promising, but until now, only a tantalising prospect for decades.

New OTEC however brings a plethora of advantages at reduced costs. It illustrates the value of innovation, even on a small scale, and provides the same incredible renewable energy benefits as traditional OTEC, yet is millions of dollars cheaper to install. The system uses hoses and a submersible water driven pump to plumb the water from the deep sea, hoses being flexible are easier to transport and manipulate on site making them easier to install.

OTEC is a potential game-changer for the world, yet is particularly relevant to many small island nations with connections to Great Britain and the USA, such as Hawaii, Guam, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Douglas Edwards, Inventor, says, “We really believe in the work we are doing, and know that with financial support and time we will change the face of OTEC, making it a top choice for green energy for nations all over the world.”

NEW OTEC requires absolutely no fuel so is self-sustainable and is extremely discreet as most of the parts in the system are small. The unit can be deployed both on and offshore, and measuring just 5 m x 5 m x 1.5 m, it is significantly more space efficient than solar and wind power. 

So confident are the company in their current offering, they are providing units either for sale or for lease – with a no deposit policy. “We know that many customers may be wary of this new technology at first,” continued Douglas Edwards, inventor. “Which is why we are offering New OTEC both for sale, and for lease with a zero deposit policy, to enable them to see the incredible benefits for themselves – risk free. 


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