Ezeenites Revolutionary Nite Fan Launches To Help Everyone Get A Cool, Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Introducing Ezeenites Nite Fan– the brand new revolution in temperature regulation, designed specifically to help Europe get a cool, comfortable night’s sleep, even at the height of summer.

Ezeenites Nite Fan is a fan system designed to deliver cool air between the covers throughout the night, so those who suffer from night sweats or struggle to sleep when it’s warmer than usual can have cool relief to create a comfortable sleeping environment. Using a low voltage blower fan, the Ezeenites system creates a broad spectrum of air movement to prevent temperatures between the sheets from rising to unbearable levels.

The team behind the innovative new product has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to put this revelatory invention into full production. Ezeenites is looking to raise £90,000 to push the fan into the next stage of development, initiating the moulds and assembly lines needed to bring this product onto the general market.

Paul Davis founder and inventor of Ezeenites, says, “Having lived in the USA for 6 years, my wife and I grew accustomed to the luxury of air conditioning – and when we returned to the UK, we missed the simple comfort of a temperature-regulated bedroom. We considered installing air conditioning in our UK home, but the cost was astronomical, so I set about developing my own solution.

“The project has been self-funded for 4 years now, with all of the research and prototyping carried out. We simply need to leverage the power of the crowd to push Ezeenites over the finish line and get this game-changing product onto the market. We hope all those who have struggled with night sweats, hot flushes or heat-triggered insomnia will get behind the project and make Ezeenites a helpful reality for people across the UK.”

Tests have discovered that beds with two adults sleeping next to one another can hit temperatures of more than 91 degrees Fahrenheit – but with the introduction of the Ezeenites Nite Fan, this can be reduced to a much more comfortable 72 degrees Fahrenheit, without disturbing those sleeping.

The fan itself is designed to sit at the foot of the bed, tucked under the sheets to ensure the cool air it delivers makes it towards the head of the bed. The fan is highly energy-efficient, and as quiet as possible to ensure it won’t disturb even the lightest of sleepers. It comes with a simple thumbwheel control, which the makers suggest keeping next to the pillows in order to adjust the speed and airflow whenever necessary. 

As with all crowdfunding campaigns, the team at Ezeenites is offering a multitude of rewards for the early backers of this innovative product. The first three hundred backers will be able to get their Nite Fan for just £75.00 – almost £15.00 cheaper than the final retail price of £89.99. The next three hundred backers will bag a fan for £78.00, and all units in the initial run sold over this will cost £81.00 – still a substantial saving on the final cost. Duo Packs and Family Packs are also available at a discount for those who back this campaign early.

For more information about Ezeenites, visit the website: https://ezeenites.co.uk/

To back the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, head to the campaign page: https://www.indiegogo.com/at/Nitefan


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