Ezra Amarfio champions the value of hand-crafted products, in a world fuelled by technology

With an exclusive range of hand crafted neckties, bow ties and scarves, new menswear accessories brand Ezra Amarfio is reminding the fashion world the value of the human touch. In an industry where mass produced garments made by automated machinery is the norm, this collection of unique ‘one-off’ accessories boasts a personality and quality of finish that can only be achieved when made by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

As advances in technology have seen the world turn into a vision of the future, many tasks that once were the work of highly trained individuals are being deemed redundant, replaced with computer programmes and sophisticated machinery instead. Where this can result in more commodities being made at a much faster rate, the aspect of creativity and quality is lost when applying this ‘assembly line’ approach to the production of clothing and accessories. The luxury range of menswear accessories from Ezra Amarfio are handmade in England, utilising impeccable craftsmanship to create an authentic collection of timeless pieces for those that long for a wardrobe as carefully considered and unique as they are.

Jeff Amarfio, Creative Director of Ezra Amarfio said, “Our ultimate aspiration is to renew an appreciation for home-grown design and manufacturing, as we truly believe in the quality of the finished product that is created by following this process. We want to provide our customers with something to own that has been made using time honoured craft techniques and is unique to them. This is increasingly becoming rare to find in the modern age. Mass production solves certain industrial problems, but for fashion it means we are forgetting the true value of human skill and craftsmanship.”

Amarfio continued, ”When comparing an Ezra Amarfio, piece to a factory made item, this value will become impossible to miss.”

Reviving sartorial style for the contemporary era, fine fabrics are sourced from world-renowned mills to produce each exquisite article for the collection of formal accessories. The collection comprises articles made from Superfine Merino Wool, Cashmere, Ancient Madder, Silk Grenadine and Shantung silk as well as printed silks from heritage silk weaving town, Macclesfield. Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail are paramount to the brand, ensuring every piece is produced to perfection.

The luxury range of menswear accessories will be available to buy from September 2016. To discover sartorial style tips and an exclusive glimpse into the world of Ezra Amarfio, sign up to the newsletter by visiting http://www.ezraamarfio.com/

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Ezra Amarfio is a new design house, producing luxury accessories for men. Every piece is hand made in England by highly trained craftsmen. British sartorial heritage inspires designs that seek to exude elegance and originality whilst retaining a timeless quality. Impeccable craftsmanship and keen attention to detail are cornerstones of the house and paramount in the ethos of the Ezra Amarfio brand.



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