Fair-trade fashion gets an injection of funk with the arrival of Crepe Records

Although interest in sustainable fashion is something that is rising in popular culture, alongside a growing shift towards responsible purchasing of many consumer products, it can be hard to find ethically produced clothing that doesn’t fall into a stereotypical image. Music inspired clothing line Crepe Records offers a funky and fresh alternative to fair trade style with a range of vibrant, creatively designed T-shirts available for men and women.

A typecast image of ‘eco clothing’ has formed that is now associated with most ethical fashion and is increasingly hard to shift, yet many customers with contemporary style yearn for a sustainable wardrobe with more image options to choose from. As Crepe Records arrives, a selection of hand-printed, ethical clothing in a range of eye-catching designs and colours is now available for those who want sustainability without sacrificing their personal style preferences.

Manisha Davidson, designer, DJ and co-founder of Crepe Records commented “Ethics is important to us and is at the heart of our brand, but so is the quest for urban and contemporary style. Unfortunately many fashion brands that produce clothing sourced from ethical materials tend to fall into a similar sub-culture style option, focusing on muted tones and alternative type designs. We love these clothes, however we feel it is not representative of the growing market that is now looking to buy clothing of this type. Interest in ethical fashion has branched out from its niche, subculture roots to be something that more and more of us are interested in.”

Davidson continued, “There is no reason why clothes that are produced in an ethical way should be limited to one type of style, or look any different from the outfits that you already love to wear. That’s why we’ve designed a range of bold and vibrant contemporary pieces at Crepe Records that don’t fall in to this stereotype, helping to make ethical fashion accessible, while also normalizing the process to more young people.”

Crepe Records proactively seek to work with companies that are socially responsible, and all materials used to make the capsule collection of T-shirts and scarves are sourced from like-minded providers. Each hand drawn design, featuring characters inspired by real people that co-owner Manisha Davidson has met on her musical travels and is screen printed by hand in London. The range spans a variety of colours, with every responsibly sourced T-shirt being chosen for their quality of fit and feel.

The music that inspires the T-shirt designs can also be discovered online, as creative co-owner Manisha Davidson updates the Crepe Records blog regularly with mixes and track recommendations, as well as music infused fashion tips.

Browse the range of funk-filled fair trade fashion online at https://www.creperecords.com 


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From bleeps, breaks, to beats, Crepe Records is influenced and inspired by the world of music. Our clothing is for astute, urban individuals with a sense of fun. Music is our inspiration and at the heart of the brand. Here at Crepe Records you’ll find exciting new musical influences to experience. We offer uniquely designed clothing giving each wearer a sense of originality and escapism from their 9-5. 



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