Fifty Shades of Sherlock Holmes

How do you fancy your 125-year-old consulting detective? Prowling under the light of gaslamps? In a rakish fedora, fighting Nazis? Or texting like a tween at gritty London crime scenes?

No matter which shade of Sherlock Holmes you favour, there's never been a better time to get Sherlocked, with new stories coming from the BBC, Warner Brothers, America's CBS, even Russia. Factor in Holmsian clubs, conventions, fanfiction, and the rising stars of Sherlockian actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Robert Downey, Jr., and it's clear Holmes and Watson are still in their crime-fighting prime.

With so many fresh adventures being created for this dynamic duo, why not fresh beginnings to those adventures?

Whether you prefer a contemporary Sherlock and John, or a classic Holmes and Watson, Wendy C. Fries' short-story collection The Day They Met offers fifty intriguing new ways the world's most legendary partnership might have begun.

Taking Holmes and Watson out of the lab in which they originally came face-to-face, The Day They Met brings these legends together in new ways, sometimes giddy, sometime grave: Hanging from the frigid rigging of the London Eye in 2010, resisting morphine's siren song in a 1879 Kabul train station, even as young boys on a lonely Brighton beach.

With the BBC's Sherlock Christmas special currently filming and the controversies of 'setlock' lighting up the internet, interest in Sherlock Holmes is high. Released through MX Publishing on 26 January 2015, The Day They Met promises to feed this perennial interest in the world's most famous detective and his doctor.

A professional writer for more than twenty years, Wendy C. Fries came to the Holmes stories as a child, but found her interest rekindled in adulthood by Holmes audio books and the media resurgence of all things Sherlock. Along with The Day They Met, Wendy's written about Sherlock Holmes for the recently-released essay collection Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World, and is planning two more collections of Holmes stories.

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About MX Publishing

MX Publishing is the award-winning world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publishers. They are based in London, England, but their seventy plus authors are spread around the world. Most of their one hundred and fifty books are fiction, but they also have many biographical works on Conan Doyle. In 2013 MX made a big splash on the international stage with the performance biography ‘Benedict Cumberbatch In Transition’ which has sold in its tens of thousands in English, Japanese and Chinese.