Find Out What 2015 has in Store with Astromara

2015 is looking considerably less foggy thanks to a series of free planetary predictions from an internationally used astrology website. From romance and relationships to careers and self-development, Astromara is a one-stop-shop for believers wanting to shed light on what’s in store for the New Year.  

Paul O’Mara, owner of AstrOMara said, “The lead up to 2015 is by far one of our busiest times of the year. We welcome a huge influx of people seeking out the help of our professional psychics and clairvoyants to help them unveil what’s on the horizon for the New Year. I believe that everyone should enjoy a glimpse at their future which is why Astromara offers a collection of free readings as well as paid services which shed light on more complex questions.”

For a broad yet precise understanding of the year ahead, Astromara’s free Daily Horoscopes service covers all 12 signs of the zodiac. It’s as simple as clicking on the Horoscopes tab, selecting relevant star sign and soaking up a wealth of expertly derived information on a daily basis. Enjoy on-screen readings or daily content delivered directly to an email inbox.

Those on the search for inspirational readings will love Astromara’s free Personal Daily Forecast service which is tailor made according to individual date of birth. Every day, Astromara’s astrologers track the moon’s movements through the heavens to offer incredible insight into feelings, important events and the exact times of personal transits.

Paul O’Mara added, “Astrology is an incredibly intimate field and while two people may be born on the same day, just a few hours fluctuation in times of birth can result in a completely different reading. That’s why every Astromara Personal Daily Forecast is 100% personalised to create results that are unique and inspiring.”

Complementing Astromara’s freebies is a trio of paid forecast services which offer astrology buffs composite readings conducted by gifted professionals. The 2014-15 Forecaster helps customers take control over relationships, learn how to manage emotions and identify the best times to make life changing decisions. For those determined to remain in control of proceedings and important events the 2014-15 Predictor generates projections up to 12 months in advance. Designed to help customers understand phases of activity that bring about change and progress in the year ahead, Life Stages offers customers an invaluable glimpse at 2015.

Ringing in the New Year with an understanding of what’s in store for the future is a hugely effective way for astrology advocates to ensure that 2015 is filled with happiness, success and satisfaction. As the New Year creeps increasingly closer Astromara is encouraging people to get in quick to secure a personalised reading with one of its expert psychics or clairvoyants. 

To find out more about Astromara and how the site draws on the power of the planets to help browsers take on 2015 with confidence, visit:

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About Astromara: Founded by Paul O’Mara, Astromara is an internationally used website offering browsers free daily horoscopes, astrology charts, detailed reports and other paid services. All content is completely personalised and created by professional astrologers, psychics and clairvoyants. The site has recently undergone a revamp which streamlined navigation, enhanced the user experience and offered browsers computer, tablet and mobile compatibility.